Prost! To Oktoberfest and Interactive Marketing!

Remember when your parents used to say “Don’t party too hard in college. Go to class or else you’ll never learn anything. You don’t gain knowledge from drinking beer.” Well, I say they were wrong.


Alright, sorry mom and dad. You weren’t completely wrong. However, I would beg to differ on the gaining knowledge from drinking beer part.

Cue Oktoberfest! One of the biggest festivals is upon us. And while, for most people, beer comes to mind whenever Oktoberfest is mentioned, I like to think: MARKETING! (Ok ok, beer does come to my mind too. But just go along with it).

What is more engaging than a beer fest? You have tons of people from all over celebrating the best beers in the world. The audience of Oktoberfest is there to relax, to learn, to listen, and to be engaged. And to think, this all started over a wedding (Oh you didn’t know that? Check out this quiz to test your Oktoberfest knowledge! See, we’re throwing you engaging stuff already).

But what can you learn from Oktoberfest as a whole that markets this yearly party in such a big way all over the world?

  • Brand Storytelling: The people of Oktoberfest have stood behind their story for 181 years and they aren’t changing it or swaying anytime soon. Just like your brand. You can create a story that your audience genuinely wants to be a part of and will be excited for the culture and experience that comes along with it.

  • Adapting to your audience: Figuring out how to cater to an audience of thousands, the people behind Oktoberfest must discuss far in advance how to plan their strategy for the following year and still run a very detailed and extravagant event.  So think about your audience. Are you adapting to the needs and wants of your audience? Are you making the best of their time with engaging and interactive information?

  • Creating an experience: People travel from all corners of the world to experience Oktoberfest. For some, it’s even a bucket list item. Why? Well, first is because it’s beer. Who doesn’t love beer? But second is because it is possibly a once in a lifetime experience for some. Your audience expects the same (ok so maybe not the beer. Although, I could almost guarantee that would pull some customers in!). They want an incredible experience when they interact with your brand. Give them the personality and engagement they’re asking for.

Not only can Oktoberfest inspire the engagement with your audience; it’s inspiring brands and organizations across the world. Take a look at a couple of these Oktoberfest-inspired digital experiences:

If you speak German (and even if you don’t and just want to have some fun), check out the “Which Wiesn Are You?” quiz to answer eight funny and sarcastic questions to find out how Bavarian you are. Just as Oktoberfest does, this quiz along with the one you took earlier are ways that Oktoberfest marketing has adapted the progressive tactics of not only interacting with your audience, but educating them as well.  Engagement at its finest! But again, you better speak German or have a translator handy! Auf geht’s!

On our side of the Atlantic, breweries are taking part in the Oktoberfest spirit as well. Samuel Adams is giving their online visitors the opportunity to create a beer flight (or a sampling of beers for those of you that are not beer connoisseurs) for a chance to win one of their OctoberFest Prize Packs. Simply choose from any of their craft beers in their app-like flight experience, combined with their famous OctoberFest brew and enter to win. Beer AND a contest?! Whew, does the beer engagement just keep on coming!!

So mom and dad, I did learn something from drinking beer. I learned that, to be the best beer festival in the world (and, more importantly, to be a brand that your audience loves), you have got to engage your audience through interactivity and education!

And to all of you out there celebrating Oktoberfest with me, prost!

So serving beer to your visitors isn't an option, huh? No worries! Get your online visitors and customers alike to love your brand so much that they would shout it from the rooftops! Just like Oktoberfest, do you want to become a brand everyone raves about and can't wait to experience? Explore our interactive guide to Improving Brand Engagement with Interactivity and Usefulness now and be inspired to engage your audience!