Online quizzes, because "vanity is my favorite sin"

2014 is here. And, if you are anything like the billions of people on this earth you are likely going to have some new goals and resolutions. One of my goals is always personal development. This requires that I have a student mentality and am always learning new things. Do you have personal development goals in 2014?  Whether you do or don’t, you should know what kind of learner you are.

What kind of learner are you?

I love this quiz — you can take it to get insight into your personal learning style by choosing your favorite activities and daily routines.

Naturalistic. Kinesthetic. Musical. 

I was recently sent this quiz by my manager, took it, and it confirmed what I already knew: I am kind of a hippy when it comes to learning. My top three learning styles are Naturalistic, Kinesthetic, and Musical.  

What this means is that I absorb new information by feeling it and in a way that is presented naturally, preferably with music involved. 

The quiz took me about 5 minutes and I learned (or confirmed) something about myself.

Vanity is my favourite sin.

- Al Pacino

People love themselves.

This is why online quizzes (What's your personality color? What mixed drink are you?) are so popular. Put a self-rating quiz in front of someone and they will drop what they are doing to take that quiz. Quizzes are fun, easy, and offer immediate payoff and satisfaction. So what mixed drink am I?

People love themselves. This is why online quizzes like 'What Mixed Drink are You?' are so popular.

People love themselves. This is why online quizzes like 'What Mixed Drink are You?' are so popular.

I'm a gin and tonic..."a real classic."

I'm not suggesting you start sending your email database a bunch of silly, irrelevant quizzes to drive engagement. What I am suggesting is thinking creatively about how to deliver relevant and valuable content to your people, while capturing segmentation and sales enablement data. 

App-like digital quizzes, surveys and polls...

Each one of these can be used to increase engagement on your web pages — and provide you with insight into who they are and what they want or need.

Offer to send their results via lead form and voilà! you've turned your quiz into a lead generating digital experience. Add an A/B test and all of a sudden you're optimizing your quiz for higher conversion rates. 

We call these types of experiences "marketing apps" — interactive, app-like digital experiences that go beyond landing pages to engage and convert.

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