Orbitz for Business Plays Matchmaker with Interactive Content

Travel adds a whole new layer to a relationship. When I got married, I made sure my husband understood that I need to arrive at least an hour before a flight to maintain my sanity. It’s just my thing. And everyone has his or her quirks. What many people don’t realize is that the notion of being a good travel partner transcends into professional travel as well! 

Think about it. Everyone has travel rituals. Some book months in advance and scour resources for the best deal while others are fine booking last minute. Some people like to zone out and put their headphones on the entire flight not uttering a word to another soul (that’s me too btdubs). Others will chat it up with whoever is sitting next to them. Regardless when you are using a partner to book travel for business purposes, there is a relationship. And Orbitz for Business decided to put that relationship to the test with a little quiz to see how well matched (or not) you and your work travel partner are.  


The quiz is not only beautiful visually, but it also asks important questions to delve into the relationship you have with your travel partner. 


It’s short and to the point asking all the right questions to determine if it’s meant to be. And, there’s humor, lots of humor, infused throughout the questions. 


At the end, you enter your email and get your result. Immediate gratification. 


Orbitz for Business closes out the quiz with a personalized summary based on your answers, easy-to-find contact info if you have questions and social sharing options (who doesn’t love to go viral, am I right?) 

This quiz has all of the elements of a great piece of interactive content – great, clean visuals, easy navigation, engaging questions, and of course humor.