Oh The Things Our Customers Do With Interactive Content

We’ve made no secret that we just LOVE seeing what our customers build in our platform. Each piece they create is just as unique as they are, and we are constantly reminded of the abundant ways you can utilize interactive content. 

We keep a customer gallery on our site and are always updating it with new and innovative iterations of interactive content experiences (say that 3 times fast!).

But we thought it would be really cool to pull together a post highlighting what costumers built, and filter it by type of interactive content. It just shows that an ebook or quiz looks completely different depending on who is at the controls. 

Interactive Guides: 

Purchasing Power created a gorgeous interactive guide to aid users in purchasing a new laptop. The chapters are represented with blocks designating a variety of elements that typically go into the purchasing decision.  


The experience is useful, educational and engaging – 3 pillars of good interactive content. 

UBM created an interactive guide as well, but theirs was totally different. The Geek’s Guide to London was based on a major industry event, London Technology Week. UBM basically brought a static, old-school map, to life. They infused it with local happenings, hot spots and other information to enhance the event experience for attendees. 



Calculators are certainly growing in popularity among interactive content experiences marketers are gravitating toward. They offer the opportunity for users to crunch the numbers and get quantifiable answers to their questions. 

Understanding some of the inherent challenges related to patient collections, Navicure built a calculator to help simplify the process. With just a few numerical-based questions, you receive a snapshot offigures for potential monthly and annual cash flow improvement. You also have the option to receive a full report with additional information based on your answers.


In order to show savings possible with iContact’s email marketing offering, they built a calculator showing savings based on the size of your subscriber list. It’s a simple one step calculation where users choose an option closest to their list size from a drop down box, and viola…they get a peek into estimated savings. 


Interactive Infographics:

Marketers love to tell stories using visuals. It’s more appealing, engaging and creative than just having static words on a page. So it’s not surprise that infographics are literally popping up everywhere. And when you add some interactivity to the mix, it’s a whole new ballgame! 

Security threat reports don’t exactly conjure up visions of storytelling through visuals. So Symantec totally shook things up when they created an amazing infographic to share the report material. It’s filled with stats, educational info and facts. And at every turn there are interactive elements woven in, providing the opportunity for people to engage. 


Randall Reilly did the same exact thing using an interactive infographic. Instead of sharing information about how contractors were using the internet in a novel of a report, they turned to visuals. They created touch points throughout it for ample user engagement and it was a huge success! 


How cool is it to see companies across various industries finding their own unique ways to tap into the power of interactive content? 

And this was just a small snippet into three types of interactive experiences. Stay tuned for more down the road and check out our full customer example gallery where you can see much more. 

As always, if you have something you built in ion you would like to share, we would love to see it!