Marketing Insiders Insights with Michael Brenner


As CEO of Marketing Insiders Group, Michael Brenner is one of the go-to thought leaders for modern marketers today.  While consulting and speaking on everything marketing, Brenner has helped many brands strategize to reach, engage and convert new customers day after day.

We love seeing brands and companies succeed at their marketing and are inspired daily by Michael Brenner’s thoughts on what’s next in our world. So we thought we would share with you our ten favorite Marketing Insider Group blog posts written by Brenner so you too can have some insight into what really makes your marketing and digital experience strategy thrive.

  1. 12 Marketing Trends Every Trop Brand Needs to Know in 2016 to get a hold of what your customers expect of their experience and journey with your brand.

  2. 10 Expert Tips for Creating Content People Will Love to make sure you’re not just creating content, you’re creating GREAT content.

  3. Why Customer-Focused Content Should Be a Priority to understand that your messaging no longer needs to be about you, but about them.

  4. 9 Content Marketing Myths… Busted so you can stop assuming that content marketing just won’t work for you.

  5. Why Content Marketing Needs a Balance of Art + Science to find your center.

  6. Don’t Let Your Content Marketing Get Trapped in the Trough of Disillusionment to understand that with hard work can come great success.

  7. 10 Time-Saving Content Marketing Tools to Add to Your Arsenal to make that hard work a little easier for you.

  8. Purpose and the Power of Brand Storytelling to articulate the perfect story to your audience.

  9. How to Create Content with Clarity for “the quality of coherence and intelligibility” in your content.

  10. Top 10 Skills Every CMO Needs to run your marketing strategy like a boss.

Want to hear more content marketing insights from Michael Brenner and our very own Anna Talerico? Check out ion’s past webinar with Michael Brenner on building relationships with your content here and become the brand they want versus the one they tolerate.