Marketing Apps—Like Peanut Butter & Chocolate

Who knew there were so many obscure holidays? Seriously, I feel like every week my Facebook feed explodes with stuff like:

It’s national donut day!

It’s national walk to school day!

It’s national don’t wear makeup and scare your coworkers day!

So, it felt right to dedicate a post to a very special holiday (cue trumpets).

Happy National Peanut Butter Lovers Month Y’all!!!

I can think of a million ways I would celebrate this incredible holiday (outside of my house since I have a child with a peanut allergy). Fluffer nutter sandwiches, Peanut butter cups, good old fashioned PB&J. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s take a minute to talk about peanut butter cups since they absolutely deserve special attention. They might be my favorite candy of all time.  It’s just the perfect combination, right?

So perfect, that often when I am sitting on analyst calls it’s one of the analogies that we use to describe marketing apps.  What’s the correlation exactly?

Well, funny you should ask and let me show you visually, to pique all your senses (apologies, because you are definitely going to want a PB cup after this).

It goes something like this…

It’s the perfect visual representation actually.  

By combining content and data the right way, you end up with delicious little, interactive morsels of goodness your users will just devour.  Think about the prevalence of content like quizzes and assessments and calculators (all marketing apps FYI). They’re popping up everywhere, right?

Well it’s no accident. It’s the age old model of supply and demand.  Website visitors want to be courted, to be engaged with your content, to participate—not just be readers of boring static content.  They are demanding this interaction, and it’s crucial to provide it if you want to keep their attention.

So, perhaps you should celebrate peanut butter lovers month by building a brand spankin’ new marketing app so delicious it will have your visitors gobbling it up and licking their fingers!  Go ahead, build your own peanut butter cup. And if you want some help give us a shout—we are connoisseurs so to speak.

It's time for you to engage with your visitors. Want to create an experience that is just as satisfying as a perfect little chocolatey cup of peanut-buttery goodness? Improve brand engagement with interactivity and usefulness. Need some inspiration? Check out and explore our interactive guide to Marketing Apps for Brand Engagement now!