Marketing Apps are the New Black

So if you are super current like myself, you’re familiar with the expression, “[insert something cool] is the new black.”


Orange is the New Black (sidenote: love it and binge watch it regularly).

[Color of the season] is the new black (you know, when a designer arbitrarily decides the new “it” color and everyone follows suit. Pun intended).

You get the picture right? So...this post is dedicated to two things, marketing apps and fashion.  Two worlds colliding to produce an uber cool end result. I like to call it Geek Chic.

The days of walking into a brick and mortar store, trying on a bazillion things in poorly lit dressing rooms that show every flaw of your body (I mean, why?? Why can’t you fix the lighting? Don’t you want me to buy it?? It’s gotten to the point where I would gladly opt for a root canal sans novocaine instead of bathing suit shopping in your painfully depressing dressing rooms...I digress.) have changed.

There are so many fun fashion and beauty centric marketing apps. And we’re going to share a few of our faves!


Sephora Skincare IQ

I love this store. It’s not safe for me to go in there. And they know it. They hand me the little black basket and in my head I think, it’s so little! How much damage can I possibly do?  The answer is, a lot. Don’t judge me.  It can also be overwhelming if you’re not simply browsing and need a specific product but don’t know where to start.  Ta da! Sephora offers a quiz (Yup! That’s a marketing app.) to help determine what products are best, based on your concerns. You answer carefully tailored questions about what you’re trying to address, your skin sensitivity and so on and so forth. Then, voila! You get a list of products to choose from.

I’ll be seeing you soon, Sephora and will just bring you my paycheck just to make it easy.


Marie Claire Virtual Hairstyle and Makeup Makeover

I have had long hair my whole life. Well almost, I chopped it once and the only reason I did not regret it was because I donated it to Locks of Love.  I am not adventurous with my hair. I talk a big game, pretend I’m going to do something drastic, and then I gracefully chicken out. So this virtual makeover (Yep! That’s a marketing app too.) is perfect for me.  I can see what different styles look like without touching my own tresses.  Shear genius (not a misspelling, play on words...just go with it).


BloomReach - Describe the Dress

Bloomreach is an ion interactive customer and created this amazing app in our platform. That makes us love it even more!

So BloomReach created a really cool survey (You guessed it! Also a marketing app.) asking people to describe a dress. A really cool dress too. (C’mon, who doesn’t like a good bandage dress. Sucks you in at all the right places. Throw a pair of Spanx into the equation and now you’re talking, am I right?)

At the end, you can enter your contact info to get the results of the survey - to see just how many different ways the dress could be described. And it also tells you about the dress (Herve Leger in this case - another one of my faves. They should just be called miracle dresses because that’s what they are) and where you can get it.  Full service!  

Check out the full BloomReach case study here!


As you can see, the flexibility and use cases for marketing apps are endless. Every industry, every audience. There literally is something for everyone.  I bet as you are reading this, your own wheels are spinning thinking about what you would create!