Let's Give Our Customers the Spotlight for 7, 8, & 9 of the Top 17 of 2017

2017 is starting to inch closer to an end, and we are finding ourselves reflecting back on all the projects that we launched over the last 12 months. Each project that we work on holds a special place for all of us here at ion. As designers, content marketers, writers, and strategists, there is simply no greater feeling than seeing our customer experiences come to life and achieve business objectives.


GE Energy Embedded Infographic

Earlier this year, we worked on an embedded infographic for GE Energy. The infographic was created to educate their audience about a hybrid power solution that was built in India. The content absolutely rocked; there is no other way to put it. It was informative, smart, and even at times kitschy (they said “avoid throwing shade”). We loved this experience for several reasons including the engagement points that encourage users to interact to learn more, the bold imagery that tells the story, and the easy-to-scan copy.

Here is the link to the embeddable example. Please keep in mind that on the live page there is a header and footer.

Drew Bailey was Nominated for Content Marketer of the Year

Throughout the year, we worked on several projects for FedEx Small Business, and through these projects we developed a strong relationship with their Marketing Manager, Drew Bailey. In late August, we learned that Drew Bailey was nominated for Content Marketer of the Year from CMI!

 Throughout 2017, we worked with Drew on several projects and were always amazed by his attention to detail, knowledge of content marketing, and his dedication to the FedEx strategy as a whole. Seeing his name on the big screen at Content Marketing World was a real highlight for us. The award ended up going to another rockstar in the content marketing space but being nominated is such an honor in itself and we couldn’t think of a more deserving marketer.

Customer Spotlight: FedEx LIVE!

Shortly before Drew’s nomination, we hosted a joint webinar with him to talk about how FedEx Small Business implemented interactive content into their content strategy program. During this webinar, we learned that not only had interactive content helped FedEx increase conversions, but it also provided a lot of valuable insights into what was working in their content program and what could use some tweaking. The webinar was one of our most attended in 2017 and included a lot of valuable information from both Drew and our Director of Customer Engagement, Audrey Ross.

You can view the webinar and the accompanying slides here.