Jump Start Your 2016 Content Marketing with The Newest Quick Starts

Hashtag New Year New You, amirite?

You mean more like, new year, new content marketing initiatives to keep your audience engaged and wanting more? That’s what we thought.

This year, it’s no longer about getting acquainted with what interactive content is. That was so 2015. 2016 is the year your interactive content crushes the competition!

So what are you waiting for?! Oh trust us, ion knows that time and resources are a big factor in why interactive content hasn’t taken over your content marketing strategy yet—Unless we’re wrong and you’ve totally doused yourself in interactive content bling. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to flaunt it. We want to see those examples, people!

But in case you haven't, there’s a little thing our team over here at ion loves to give our customers to overcome those time and resource issues, and that’s our Quick Starts. Every day, our designers are working hard to create the best prefabricated interactive content experiences for you to use and customize to make your content stand out and shine among the rest.

And to start you off on the right #NewYearNewYou path, we’ve got four brand new ones for you to see. Check them out!


Infographic with Quizzes

This enthralling, super-long page infographic is a modern, index-like Quick Start that provides witty, fun ideas for holding attention. It’s got nifty little quizzes built right in as visitors scroll through and participate. And it’s peppered with actionable calls-to-action that deliver a lightbox-based, lead-gen form.

eBook with Table of Contents Variations

This one is an update to a previous Quick Start we had released, but with some added flair that’s totally customizable by you!

This Quick Start is an easy-to-navigate eBook. With three built-in options for the intro page, you're able to easily customize and test variations. Throughout the eBook, your visitors will be able to move between chapters through top navigation and/or button links at the bottom of each page. A built in call to action helps you capture lead data from interested respondents.

Modern Reveal Segmentation

Get relevant, fast. This engaging Quick Start establishes immediate visitor rapport by inviting affinity in one of three segments. Use this to segment your audience into products, solutions, personas, budgets, scale and more. And, the segmentation is supported with strong content and a clear, simple call to action.

Embedded Product Configurator

As the embedded version of our popular product configurator, this Quick Start guides your visitor through four visual preference choices. Using their answers, the product configurator provides a recommended product and price point. With a call-to-action for an external page or shopping cart, the visitor also has the option to reconfigure their product. Use this embedded version in any pre-existing web page.

Want to see what else ion’s Quick Start Cloud has to offer? Check out some more examples here.