Interactivity Takes a Bite Out of Static Content Marketing

I don’t watch TV. Ok well let me get more specific. I don’t watch TV on a regular basis. There a very few shows that pull me in from outside to sit on a couch staring at that box. Football games. X-Games. Maybe the random episode of Iron Chef America.

Clorox's Great "Wipe" Shark

Clorox's Great "Wipe" Shark

And Shark Week.

Forget seeing the daylight when it’s Shark Week. I can’t even take my eyes off the screen for an entire week. And every year, I feel like I’m watching the same shows… and I’m totally stoked about it.

So when Shark Week started this year, it was the same routine all over again. Hit record for every single episode when I’m not home and turn on the TV the minute I walk in the door.

Of course, here is where my two worlds collide: home and work. Shark Week and Marketing. I was watching an episode and thinking “I’m pretty sure I could repeat every word of this because it played last year… and the year before… and the year before. So why am I still completely sucked in and can’t look away?” How is it that I, as well as thousands and thousands of others, so incessantly watch Shark Week knowing that we’ve seen a lot of it before?

Then, boom, it clicked. Emotional engagement.

It hits a nerve. Whether you are absolutely terrified of sharks or completely excited by them like I am, Shark Week aims to attract each type of audience. And it’s all through emotions and engagement.

Discovery Channel has created an interactive and engaging campaign around Shark Week and it’s getting bigger and bigger with each year.

Want to know what your shark personality is? Want to follow and track some of your favorite sharks live and view updates? Discovery Channel has created an entire brand around Shark Week and it’s all through personal and emotional interactions with their audience.

Dunkin Donut's Shark Bite

Dunkin Donut's Shark Bite

And other companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Dunkin Donuts released their “Shark Bite” donut and campaign. Clorox came up with their Great “Wipe” Shark. The content marketing alone to come out of Shark Week is not only hysterical, but it really gives brands outside of Discovery Channel a chance to show their personality. And these brands are not afraid to go all in with interactive content.

Shark Week aims to prove to beach goers that the fear of a shark attack should not be a concern. And as that fear should be pushed aside, so should be the fear of adopting interactive and engaging marketing tactics for your brand. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality and tap into the emotions of your audience.

The evolution of your static content doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can really be quick simple with marketing apps. Incorporate games like Discovery Channel did. Bring in engagement through social media contests like Dunkin Donuts is doing. Interactivity will have them coming back for a bigger bite of your content.

Take the leap! Don’t be afraid to jump in!

There are tons of reasons for you to transform that static content into an interactive experience! Too scared to jump in? Register now and check out Demand Metric's benchmark report, Enhancing the Buyer's Journey, to overcome the fear and start producing content that your audience will be excited to digest!