Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: September 26-30

Well, this is it folks. Next week starts Q4, and you know what that means—it’s time to step it up in preparation for the end of the year and getting ready to kick it into high gear for 2017!

If you haven’t started using interactive content in your marketing strategy yet (and we know you’re thinking about it because you landed here on our blog!), then what are you waiting for? Need some guidance? Check out the highlights from ion’s Medium publication this week to find some inspiration and answers to all your interactive content marketing questions.


Ask Audrey: Unique & Innovative Interactive Content Experiences

Need some inspiration to create your own interactive content experiences? Over the past year or two, we have seen our fair share of interactive content experiences break into the content marketing scene. This week on Ask Audrey, Audrey shares what she thinks are some of the most unique and innovative interactive content experiences.


Hello from the Other Side—My Move from Sales to Marketing—Part 2

If you’ve always been in marketing, you may wonder what it looks like from the outside in. And if you’ve never been a marketer, you can have a hard time really understanding the in’s and out’s of a marketing team. Well, one of our very own ionians made the switch from Sales to Marketing and has some pretty good insights into what being a marketer is really like day to day. Check out Shaun’s experience with his career move from Sales to Marketing.


Delivering the Right Content on the Buyer’s Journey

As marketers, what experience our buyers have throughout their journey with our brand is something we all constantly think about. And more importantly, what types of content help us provide the best experience possible to attract, acquire and engage our target audience. Stemming off our ion webinar about the Buyer’s Journey last week, Anna gives you a guide to the right type of content you want to deliver to your buyers.


September Interactive Content Marketing Trends

Every month, we bring you the hottest trends in interactive content marketing. And September was all about visual choices. Forget those boring old forms and bring on visual and engaging interactions. See some of the examples for visual choices that we liked most this month.

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