Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: October 17-21

Happy Friday! Another week down in the world of interactive content marketing.  As we’re all getting ready to finish up the first month of Q4, ion has been focused on bringing you the best articles, videos, and advice to kick your interactive content into high gear.

So if you’re a busy marketer like us and haven’t had a chance to race on over to ion’s Medium publication this week, here’s your recap of what's going on in our world:


Ask Audrey: How Much of Your Content Should be Interactive?

Interactive content can take some planning. And it can be overwhelming for marketers that are just starting to dip their toes into the interactive content pool. So how do you plan on how much of your content to transform and where to begin? Take a look at this week’s interactive content marketing advice from Ask Audrey.


Planning for Interactive Content

There’s content overload. As marketers, we know the struggle to compete with the flood of content marketing out there. And as marketers, it’s our job to make our content stand out. If you follow us on Medium, you know that interactive content could be the answer to all your content marketing challenges. But how do you plan for interactive content if you’ve never done it before? Here’s four tips to get you started.


How to Turn Research Into 27+ Content Pieces [Case Study]

Earlier this year, ion and CMI released a content marketing research report. Great news, right? Well, we didn’t stop there. Instead of simply rejoicing at its completion, we powered on and took the opportunity to turn it into over 27 pieces of content. You read right. Twenty-seven. Want the breakdown of how we did it? Check out ion co-founder Anna Talerico’s CMI article on the process here.

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