Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: October 10-14

Every week, we strive to give you the latest and greatest in interactive content marketing. From videos to third-party articles, we aim to have it all for you on ion’s Medium publication. And now that Q4 is in full swing, this week was no different.

Check out what you may have missed over on Medium and across the content marketing online world this week!


Back to School: How Interactive Content Educates Buyers

I’m sure you’ve heard of that fact floating around about humans having the same, or less, attention span as a goldfish. Terrifying, right? Especially as content marketers. Our purpose is to create content that will keep our audience engaged, but it’s becoming more and more difficult when you can barely keep the attention of them for more than a few seconds. Luckily, interactive content seems to be one way to combat that attention gap. See what ion’s co-founder Anna Talerico has to say about why interactive content is so effective at educating buyers.


Ask Audrey: The Difference Between Static & Interactive Content

We’re going back to the basics with this one but it’s the foundation of everything this series, and ion, is about. We’re in full swing of the content marketing era but interactive content is still a rather new concept, which leaves some people still wondering… what exactly is the difference between static and interactive content? Check out this week’s Ask Audrey video!


Creating Relevant Content for your Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey with your brand’s content is something that’s on every content marketer’s mind. But the biggest challenge some content marketers face is creating relevant content for each stage in that journey. Anna Talerico is at it again with giving you what you need to know when creating relevant content for your buyer’s journey.


Spotlight on interactive content marketing technology, part two — ion interactive

We are thrilled to be spotlighted this month on diginomica for our interactive content marketing platform. And while many content marketers find it challenging to create interactive content, this article will show you why an interactive content marketing platform like ion can make your marketing life much, much easier. Check out ion’s spotlight now!

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