Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: August 29 - September 2

First Friday of the month is always a reason to celebrate! And even more so for this Friday since it’s not only Labor Day Weekend but the weekend before Content Marketing World… and we can’t wait!

We’ve been hard at work all week at ion making sure we’re ready to take on Cleveland with some content marketing force. Every day, we’ve seen a new and exciting topic posted up on the blog. So even if you’re not heading to CMW this next week, here’s your recap of what was on the blog and Medium publication and get ready for content marketing to take over your life for the next couple weeks (if it hasn’t already!).


5 Surprising Reasons to Stop Publishing Top 5 Articles

Top 5 this. Top 7 that. Enough already with the fluff content! Your audience wants and needs more important and meaningful content. While light and easy reads are good every once in awhile, they can’t all be like that. See what Anna has to say in her sarcastic article of Top 5 reasons to stop publishing Top 5’s!


Ask Audrey: Measuring Interactive Content Results

With static content, marketers really can only see if their visitors filled out a form or not, or did they download the content or not, with no insight into whether they actually read any of it. Interactive content can give you a deeper understanding about your visitors. Watch this week’s Ask Audrey to see what exactly you can measure using interactive content.


August’s Interactive Content Marketing Trends

Every month, we give you the hottest trends in interactive content marketing. And August was all about storytelling. Marketers and buyers need to weave context into their messaging, communication and content. Storytelling gets that job done. Check out the trends!


Is Your Content Evolving? Update Content for a More Engaging UX

It’s easy to create evergreen content and just leave it be. But it doesn’t have to end there. Great content is an ever-evolving process. User expectations are changing so why wouldn’t the experience you provide to your users change? Check out what ion’s EVP, Anna Talerico has to say about updating your content.


How My Birth Announcement Shows the Best of the ion Platform

Our senior web designer, Katherine, is currently on maternity leave. But she couldn’t help but share something with the ion universe while she’s away. Katherine has utilized the ion platform to create some amazing interactive content experiences for our clients. But this time, it was all about creating something for her friends and family to enjoy… an interactive birth announcement. See how it turned out!


Are your Quizzes Adding Value? A Quick Guide to Making the Most of your Content

We’ve got another post to share with you from Marketing Insider Group! While quizzes educate the buyer in a fun, engaging, shareable experience, they have become somewhat formulaic. Just because your visitors might begin a quiz does not mean that they’re going to finish the quiz. So how can you ensure your content isn’t slipping? Anna Talerico gives you a quick guide to making the most out of your content. 


More than Downloads: How Interactive and Video Content are Enhancing B2B Marketing

The latest Demand Gen Report is out and talks all about how interactive content is enhancing B2B marketing. Want the proof? Check out the report to see some of the stats and examples Demand Gen has for you.

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