Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: August 1-5

It’s the first week of August already! We can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. All the kids are heading back to school this  month so we figured we’d dedicate this month’s writing to educating our audience (Not that we don’t always aim to supply you with the latest and greatest educational content in the industry anyway!).

So if you weren’t able to head over to Medium this week, here’s what you missed:

July’s Interactive Content Marketing Trends

Every month, we hold a staff meeting about the latest trends we’ve seen over the past few weeks. And better yet, we love to share our findings with you. So check out what’s new in July for interactive content marketing and be sure to take some of what you learn back to implement into your own content strategy.


How to Get Better Results from your Landing Pages

Landing pages are the tried and true method of content marketing lead generation. For years, we have been using landing pages to focus webpage visitors on a specific offer or campaign message with some sort of call to action. However, with the evolution of the web and app-like experiences, that traditional landing page just isn’t cutting it anymore. Anna Talerico gives you three great ideas on how you can transform your landing page to get the results you’ve always wanted!


Ask Audrey: Repurposing Static Assets into Interactive Experiences

This week on our Ask Audrey series, we ask the question most of our clients have asked at one point or another: what type of interactive experiences can you create from static assets. Audrey goes into creating interactive white papers, interactive ebooks, and interactive infographics and what other experiences those can branch out into. Watch the video now!


What’s on the Interactive Content Horizon?

As the third and last part of our Interactive Content Interviews: Cambridge series, we asked ion’s engineers and marketing technologists what they think is on the interactive content horizon and beyond. Check out the video with their interviews now!


Are You a Content Marketing Gold Medalist?

Summer Olympics 2016 is here and we want to know, are you a content marketing gold medalist? Not sure if you’d win the gold? Take our content marketing olympic quiz and find out!


A Straightforward Framework for your Content Marketing Strategy & Planning

We know that companies who document their content marketing strategy are more effective in nearly all areas of content marketing. What you may not know is that, according to a CMI 2016 benchmarks report, only 32% of marketers actually have a documented strategy. In this article, you can take a look how you can document your goals, strategies, initiatives and tactics for your content marketing framework.


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