Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: May 29 - June 2

The heat is on! It’s June and we’re kicking things up a notch to keep up with the summer heat. We’re excited to be highlighting some of our favorite customer stories this month. 

Our customers have created some incredible interactive experiences, and we can’t wait to share them with you so be sure to follow ion interactive over on Medium so you won’t miss a beat! This week, we talked all things interactive content and the power of data for our customers. If you didn’t have a chance to head over to ion’s Medium publication this week, here’s what you missed:


The Power of Emotional Data for Content Marketing

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to our webinar on Content Marketing Institute’s research data last week, ion co-founder and EVP Anna Talerico dove into some of the key points of the research and what it means for the future of interactive content marketing. In this article, Anna provides some webinar highlights, giving a breakdown of what “emotional data” is and how important it is to content marketing. Check out the recap and view the recording if you happened to miss it last week!


Why You Should be Taking a Different Approach with Your Interactive Content

It’s no secret that, as content marketers, we are so excited to utilize interactive content in our marketing strategy. But while we are all for the anticipation of adopting interactive content into your brand or organization, there are a few things content marketers should be doing differently when developing their idea or strategy for a new piece of interactive content. Check out this week’s episode of Ask Audrey to see what tips ion’s Director of Customer Success wants to give you if you’re thinking about creating that next new and exciting interactive experience.


When it Comes to Customer Relationships, Why be Static When You can be Agile?

This month, we’ve got our sights set on everything customer-focused. And when it comes to the relationships we at ion have with our customers, we know agility is key to growing with this ever-evolving world we call content marketing. So take a little sneak peek at what’s coming for the month of June and what you can expect to see over on ion’s Medium publication.

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