Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: May 1-5

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It’s been a very exciting week in the world of interactive content marketing. This coming week, marketing technologists from all around will gather in San Francisco for the MarTech conference, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming up next in our industry.

We’ve got some exciting tips, tricks, and news to share with you today! So before you wind down from all the hard work this week with some tequila, chips and salsa, check out what you may have missed on ion’s Medium publication, ChiefMartec’s blog, LinkedIn and more!


It’s Been a BIG Year for Interactive Content…Here's what you need to know.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the exclusive research report from CMI that we mentioned last week, what are you waiting for?! Ok ok, we get you’re probably pretty busy working on your interactive content marketing. So check out this article on LinkedIn from ion’s co-founder and EVP, Anna Talerico, with some of the highlights from this year’s report, “The Symphony of Interactive Content Marketing.”


Supercharge your Demand Generation with Interactive Content Marketing

Demand generation focuses on driving awareness and interest to your company’s products or services. And with buyers now conducting their own research online before ever engaging with your salesperson, marketers have to begin to align their content and support moving their audience through the demand funnel. But what do you do when you feel your content isn’t as effective or impactful as you would hope? That’s where interactive content comes in. See how interactive content experiences can fit into your demand gen strategy.


Interactive Experiences to Drive Leads from your Website

If you had a chance to watch our last Rapid Fire episode of Ask Audrey, you may have seen that Audrey got a little caught up on the question for the best experiences to put on a website. Of course, after throwing all those questions at her as fast as we did, we may have burnt her out. But she’s back at it and ready for whatever interactive content marketing questions we throw at her! So this week, we revisit the question: what makes a good interactive content experience to put on a website to help drive leads? Watch this week’s episode to find out!


Interactive Content & SEO — What You Need to Know

Every marketer knows the concern and focus they must have on SEO. It’s one of those necessary evils. And with SEO strategies constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up. But if you’re using, or looking to use, interactive content within your content marketing, the SEO best practices are no different. Take a look at this week’s post about what you need to know with interactive content and SEO.


Interactive Infographic Examples to Top the Charts This Year

The CMI interactive content research report is out! And we can’t get enough of it. We are thrilled to have it exclusively for our audience and even more thrilled with the data inside. But what really stuck out to us was that the type of interactive content that was most used this year beat out assessments, the top type of interactive content of 2016. Interactive infographics topped the chart! And since we’re always wanting to help our audience create more engaging, more educational, more inviting content, we’re giving you some real-world examples of some of our favorite interactive infographics and some of our very own interactive infographic Quick Starts to get you started.


Report: Content Marketing Getting More Interactive

It’s seems that everyone is seeing the need the move to interactive content in content marketing! Here’s another great article from Associations Now about the newest CMI interactive content marketing research report. 


MarTech Stackies to Share!

The MarTech conference in San Francisco is next week, and we can’t wait for the Stackies awards to see who brings the best marketing technology entry! But there are two specific ones that we’re really excited about here at ion. So be sure to check out Microsoft’s stackie here and Cisco’s stackie here and see if you can spot our favorite logo!

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