Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: July 31 - August 4

Thank god it’s Friday! And it’s the first Friday of August, our Sales Enablement-themed month here at ion. All month, we’ll be focusing our content on how interactive content fits into your sales strategy and how you can effectively utilize interactive experiences to educate and inform your prospects and buyers. 

So to kickstart the month with some great tips and tricks for your Sales team, here’s what’s new over on ion’s Medium publication this week:


Hiring for Sales? How Interactive Content Could be the Perfect Addition to Your Team

Interactive content can be a huge aid in bridging the communication gap between sales and marketing, allowing marketing to have further insights into what content your audience is interested in and allowing sales to see what your audience needs or wants. Both sides are provided with an additional level of insight that is often missing with static content. This week, we dive a little further into how interactive content is able to bridge the gap between sales and marketing communication. Check out the video!


How Can Interactive Content be Leveraged to Surface Leads to Sales?

Content marketing has completely changed the game for sales. With consumers becoming more and more capable or researching your product or service on their own, they are now able to educate themselves before even reaching a sales agent. What does that mean for marketing? That marketing now plays an equal role with sales in aquiring new customers and closing those deals. Check out this article on how interactive content in your marketing strategy can surface new leads for your sales team.

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