Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: July 3-7

This week, we’re seeing fireworks in content marketing through the use of interactive experiences (and we promise it’s not flashbacks to the 4th of July)! From interactive infographics to content marketing research data to the basics of interactive content, we have your latest news in content marketing right here.

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Let’s Go Back to the Basics — An Interactive Content Refresher

This month, we’re taking it back—way back—to the beginning of all of this. We’re dedicated July to the reintroduction of interactive content. Right before all the kids start heading back to school, we’re here to educate you on what exactly interactive content is all about. Be sure to check out this introduction on ion’s Medium publication!


Visual, Lightweight & Engaging: Why Interactive Infographics are Gaining Popularity

Interactive infographics have taken the top spot for the most popular type of interactive content, according to the CMI research report. Want to know our thoughts on why interactive infographics are all the rage in 2017? Check out this week’s episode of Ask Audrey, when ion’s Director of Customer Engagement explains exactly why these types of experiences can create engagement and educate your audience.


Let’s Take a Step Back Here — What is Interactive Content?

For the first post in our reintroduction of interactive content, we discuss what exactly interactive content is. Find out how it began, why users are so intrigued by it, and how it translates to your business. Check out this article to get back to basics!

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