Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: July 17-21

Another busy week, another Friday! This week at ion, we wrapped up some of our Back to Basics takeaways into our monthly webinar, where our Director of Customer Engagement and one of ion’s content strategists laid out interactive content from simply “what is interactive content” all the way to launch and beyond.

We hope you’ve been keeping up with our Back to Basics series and attended the webinar this week. However, if you’re a busy marketer (and we know you are) and missed what was going on in our world this week, here’s what’s new:


Popular Interactive Content Types & How They Fit Into Your Content Strategy

When creating interactive content, the first question we should ask ourselves is what type of content do we want to create that will be valuable for our audience. In order to create the most valuable content, you must create content that belongs at the right points throughout their journey. Take a look at some of our favorite and most popular type of interactive experiences and how your audiences engages with your content in each specific stage of their buyer journey.


The Underdog of Interactive Content Experiences

This week, we’re here to shed a new light on the underdog of interactive experiences. Infographics, ebooks, interactive white papers, quizzes — we all know the top dogs and either have used or created them ourselves. But there’s one type of interactive content experience that we really feel is one of the most underrated and underutilized types for digital marketers. In this episode of Ask Audrey, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement shows off the underdog, details why she thinks it really is one type to look at in a different light, and tells the story of a real-life example of it really working for one organization.


What We Wanted You To Learn at Our Back to Basics Webinar

Earlier this week, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement and content strategist hosted a webinar that focused on the basics of interactive content. Audrey and Stephanie were really excited about this webinar because it encompassed the basics of what we have spent the last few years creating — interactive content. If you missed the webinar, be sure to check out the recap.

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