Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: February 27 - March 3

Only a couple more weeks until Spring and one more month until Q2. 2017 is in full swing, and we’re hoping that means your interactive content strategy is well on it’s way to bringing success to your brand or organization.

So to kick off March for you, we’ve rounded up some of this week’s articles from ion’s Medium publication that can give you some tips, tricks, and insights to help you accomplish your interactive content marketing goals. Here’s what’s new this week:


Why I am Laser Focused on Changing Our Why

Marketing has evolved dramatically over the past five years. Remember when landing pages were completely static with just some copy and a form? Well, it’s quite different now and the landscape continues to evolve. And as it does, so does ion. However, throughout this evolution, it’s been a point for us to focus on our purpose, or our “why.” See why ion’s Director of Account Development is so focused on changing our “why.”


Ask Audrey: Do You Need a Special CMS for Interactive Content?

On ion’s homepage right now, it says that “ion is the CMS for everything your CMS can’t do.” And it’s true! Having a platform that can create interactive experiences with no code, lots of flexibility, and little resources is huge! And having the ability to embed those experiences inside an existing site environment is the cherry on top. Check out this week’s Ask Audrey to see what that CMS statement really means to us and how ion has enabled our customers to create interactive content outside of what their website CMS is used for.


Life after Launch — How to Get More Life Out of Your Interactive Content Experience

Taking the plunge into interactive content can be exciting! You’re taking the next step into transforming your existing static content into something functional, engaging and useful. However, there’s more to life after launch than just ‘set it and forget it.’ ion’s Director of Creative Services explains how using A/B testing and a few best practices can take your interactive content even further and ensure your journey is successful.

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