Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: February 13-17

This week, we fell in love with interactive content all over again. I mean, did you see our love letter to our favorite content marketers and their thoughts on the industry? If not, we promise you’ll fall in love all over again too so check it out.

On top of a little Valentine’s interactive content swooning, we had some great news, tips, tricks, and advice from the ion Medium publication and some of our favorite third party sites. If you weren’t following us this week, here’s what you missed.


10 Ways to Get Value from ion in 2017

Last week, we held our first customer success webinar of the year, and we were so excited for what ion’s Director of Customer Engagement had to share. Coming into 2017, interactive content is a huge focus of not just customers of ion but all marketers. So here are the ten ways to get value from ion (or even from just interactive content). We even threw in a little something extra at the end for you!


From Like to Love: Increasing Social Media Engagement with Interactive Content

Social media doesn’t have to be all about likes. It’s a platform that brands can often use to garner up engagement and prospects. But going from likes to love is something that many social media marketers have a hard time achieving. See how interactive content can help you and your social media strategy do just that.


14 Content Marketers to Love

Speaking of love, it’s the week of love and we have fourteen content marketers that we have fallen for in 2017. As some of the top influencers in our industry, we decided to round up our favorites and some of their most notable quotes about the content marketing world. However, it’s up to you to complete their quotes with the correct choice of words. Check out the quiz now!


Ask Audrey: What’s on Marketers’ Minds this Year?

When 2017 rolled around, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement got to see a lot of what was on marketers’ minds when it comes to content and digital experiences for this year. Want a peek inside what our customers are really working towards in 2017? Check out what Audrey has to say in this week’s episode of Ask Audrey!


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Launch Interactive Content (Here’s Why)

Throughout the years, the way our audience consumes content has changed drastically. From newspapers to the internet, from desktops to mobile phones, consumers are frequently on the go. It’s not news to you that we’re living in a mobile first world. But what does that mean for your content? See why ion’s co-founder, Anna Talerico says interactive content just makes more sense for your efforts.


How to Make Interactive Content Work in Your Marketing

We all know the quote about goldfish now having a longer attention span than a human. We’ve heard it a million times. But what we as marketers need to figure out is how we can combat that lack of attention to our content. That’s where interactive content comes in. Here’s a great article from Business 2 Community laying out the do’s, what’s, how’s, and why’s of interactive content.

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