Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: December 12-16

All of us here at ion are getting more and more into the holiday spirit! Our tree is up. The lights are hung. We even made the theme of our office, “Tech the Halls” (clever, right?). And with our Twelve Days of Interactive Content over halfway through, we’ve given our audience some pretty incredible interactive presents and stories to enjoy.

So if you haven’t been counting along or keeping up with our ion Medium publication, here’s what you missed this week from the interactive content marketing Santa…


On the Third Day of Interactive Content… Centermark Collects Quality Leads

The Centermark team needed to find a way to help collect inbound leads, while providing trackable data the company could use to target new audiences. The ion interactive content platform seemed to be the perfect solution for them. Read how Centermark gained inbound leads through the use of their interactive assessment!


On the Fourth Day of Interactive Content… Explore Uberflip’s Interactive Infographic

Don’t let your content get swallowed up in the content overload. Creating content goes way beyond just the words. Engaging, effective content is delivered in an exciting experience for the user. And Uberflip shows you how. On this fourth day of our festive Interactive Content exploration, take a trip through a content experience with Uberflip as your guide.


On the Fifth Day of Interactive Content… BASF Transforms PDF Into Engaging Microsite

BASF knew that while their white paper educating people on the renovation and preservation of coastal communities was getting some traction, it wasn’t quite the level of interaction they were hoping for. And Hernandez found just the solution. BASF came to ion to turn their white paper PDF into a highly interactive microsite.


On the Sixth Day of Interactive Content… Ask Audrey Anything!

Well, anything content marketing related, that is. ion’s Director of Customer Success is a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge when it comes to interactive content. While you may have seen some of her content marketing advice videos over on our Medium publication, this Ask Audrey interactive experience gives you some of the most frequently asked questions and answers all in one spot.


On the Seventh Day of Interactive Content… How Does Your Content Stack Up?

If your content marketing is anything as elegant as seven swans a swimming, we bet you stack up pretty well against the 2016 Content Marketing Benchmarks. But if you’re not sure, or you still feel you’re just at six geese a laying, Content Marketing Institute has the perfect assessment for you.

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