Interactive Content Boosts Purchases for eCommerce's Holiday Season

So you’re in ecommerce? Well, aren’t we meeting at just the perfect moment in your year.

Welcome to Q4, the craziest season for eCommerce.

For the rest of you, let’s try to relate to those in ecommerce for a moment. Imagine walking into Target a week before Christmas. Walking in those doors during that time is an immediate slap in the face with stressful energy: yelling, screaming, running, crying… and that’s just the adults shopping.

While most of us may resort to online shopping during this time of the year to avoid that mayhem, those in ecommerce are shedding the stress tears for us. Just as parents fight for those popular toys right off the shelves, ecommerce marketers are now fighting for those same parents’ attention online… in a MUCH bigger space.

And with the ecommerce industry growing almost 20% year over year, those marketers now have to make their brand stand out more than ever. But how? How can you get consumers to notice your brand or product? How can you catch the eye of the online shopper?

Introducing Quick Starts for eCommerce: interactive content for the holiday season. Let’s take a look at two ways you as an ecommerce marketer can use interactive content to boost sales for your brand.

Photo Gallery

This single page experience shows off your products in a visual and interactive experience. Visitors can enlarge each photo in the gallery to get an up close look at what your company has to offer. With a short description of your company and products included on the page, visitors can also fill out the form included to contact for more information.


Long Page with Tool Tips

This single long page experience allows visitors to scroll through and explore product features using hover tool tips created with the Reveal component. Using bold imagery, visitors can swiftly guide through your products and the benefits of each one. This long page can include copy about your organization, brand, or products, as well as a form for contact.


These Quick Starts encourage a seamless and elegant browsing journey for your online consumers. They focus on presenting the products and benefits in a visually stunning and engaging way, retaining the visitor’s interest throughout their experience with your brand and hopefully leading them straight to the purchase.

So if you’re a customer of ours and in ecommerce, we’re giving you a couple holiday gifts early for you to use to spark your Q4 sales. And if you’re not using interactive content yet, what are you waiting for?? We can’t wait to show you all what’s coming up next in our Quick Start Cloud. Stay tuned!