Interactive Content and the Black Friday Effect

Lines out the door and around the corner.

Vying to be first inside.

Camping out to guarantee you are among the first in line.

Energy-charged crowd chomping at the bit—some laughing, some yelling, some crying, some shoving.

Nope folks, not a bunch of tweens waiting for a One Direction concert (thank god my daughter is not old enough for those shenanigans yet).

I’m talking about Black Friday. The revered day right after Thanksgiving where you can score the best deals on pretty much everything.  Before the calendar even hits November, the buzz starts. Television and radio ads, newspaper circulars, social chatter, ecommerce site promo. All of them engaging in some form of promotion to get the word out. And there’s no denying it works because each year the crowds show up in massive numbers, right?


So, why can’t you set a similar tone (maybe with less pushing and yelling) for your website?  What if you could form (virtual) lines of people just waiting to see your content marketing efforts, and better yet, stay on their radar as you churn out really good stuff?

You can!

And here’s how.  Ready? Because it’s two important words that will rock your content marketing world and have people showing up to check it out, just like they are waiting in line for that ridiculously bargain-priced front loading washer and dryer combo.

(Clears Throat)


Ok, so there may not be tents pitched and people willing to go without bathroom breaks to be first in the door. But, you can certainly create the same mad rush to your site if your content is that good. Because people talk about awesome things they see. They share it socially. It can go viral.

So think about it next time you are having a content brainstorm or developing your content strategy or sitting in front of your screen with a blinking cursor taunting you.  People love to interact. Not just with other people, but also with stuff they are reading online.  The influx of interactive content like eBooks, infographics. white papers, press releases, quizzes and other examples is no accident.  It provides a rich and engaging experience that opens the door for meaningful digital dialog.  

So do it.  Create that Black Friday-esque buzz that drives people in droves to see what you’ve cooked up in terms of interactive content.  Amaze them, show them a good time.  And they’ll be back, probably with some friends.

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