I Downloaded Your PDF Whitepaper Today

Please note: This was originally published on LinkedIn June 9, 2015


I was researching your product and company this morning... so I went to your website. How did I get there? I don't remember. It may have been an ad on a Google search, a LinkedIn post or some other ad I clicked through... who knows?

Your website looks nice, modern and has good colors. The page loaded fast enough. At least it's not a cheap looking site with 2013 menus. Professional or better..that's probably the label. It does kinda draw me in. I think I may have seen that group of 5 people talking about something around a table somewhere else, but no matter.

I wanted to learn more about your company and your products and it is too early to call you up so after looking over your home page, I clicked on your resources tab. I think I felt something tracking my eyeballs... probably allergies. 

Ok, some whitepapers, datasheets, a couple of videos. Not a library of information but it might answer some of my initial questions. I saw a whitepaper icon with a headline and a description that looked promising. I clicked on the icon.  

I was then prompted to fill out a form with my first name, last name, company and industry. I'm not even sure what this whitepaper is or that I want it that badly but I guess you can't get something for nothing and the invite page looks tidy enough.  

Most of the time I wouldn't bother filling out a form and downloading but the title and summary looked promising. I downloaded and opened that bugger up.

I get a title page followed by 3 pages of text and a cartoon graphic.

This might help explain why 71% of buyers have been disappointed by content.


Buyers are interested in your company and your products.

They'll want you to contact them... I would.