How To: Slim Your Wallet and Spice Up Your Digital Experience

Back in June, I gave you all a little insight into some of the best Father’s Day digital experiences around. One of those brag-worthy experiences was Bellroy’s Slim Your Wallet experience.

The answer to my question, however, still remains a mystery. How in the world do you guys out there sit when you have a wallet in your back pocket the size of a brick? No matter how ratty and torn that wallet gets, I feel like you guys never switch them out. The older the leather gets, the more it stretches, the more cards and cash you can fit in it. So why would you ever want to buy a new one?

Bellroy gives you every reason to do just that. You’ve got no excuses, boys. Throw away those nasty wallets and check out Bellroy’s incredible and interactive digital experience.

Now, while we are totally hyping up this experience, Bellroy didn’t build it in ion. But they totally could have! And, hey, we could've even added some more flair to it (hint, hint Bellroy… embedded video? Just saying). But while we can talk all we want, that’s no fun. We’ll just show you what Bellroy could have built with ion!

Interactivity! That’s all it takes. Forget Bellroy writing up an entire page of content to talk you into buying their products and promising a thinner wallet. Bellroy takes it to a whole new level through engagement to actually show you that you don’t have to be afraid to throw out that brick in your back pocket. And what’s better? We could’ve built it in ion, and even added some more features!

So if you want cool experiences like this Bellroy one, ion can help! We're fast, agile, flexible and help you launch robust interactive experiences with features like reveal, continuous scroll, sliders, sticky nav and more. 

Take note, folks. New slimmer wallets and new interactive digital experiences. Don’t let that ratty and old perception of your static experience carry on! It’s time for a new style.

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