How to Get More Life from Static Content Marketing Experiences

During a recent phone call with a seasoned content marketer from a well known and respected financial firm, it became clear that there was some pain points she was experiencing with her current marketing strategy. Our discussion was about the organization's interactive content marketing roadmap for 2018. The biggest challenge? She didn’t have the budget to hire a new copywriter to write new content or the bandwidth to do it herself. She was concerned, worried about whether she will be able to launch smart content in 2018 that could justify to her stakeholders a new team member in the third quarter.

“I am busy. I simply cannot write new content for every campaign we need to launch.”

Sound familiar? She was relieved to hear that she was not alone and that the majority of my job at ion interactive is helping marketers circumvent this exact problem.

Let’s Spend Some Time in Your Resource Library

As a fairly large organization, there was already a wealth of content available right within the resource library. While on the conference call, I accessed a static infographic, a robust white paper, and several blog posts. With each asset up on the screen, I moved with the customer through the content, pinpointing several areas of interactivity opportunities.

I could hear her relax. 2018 was looking better already.

Scanning Content for Interactivity Opportunities

Almost every piece of content you create has an opportunity to be reimagined and repurposed into interactive content. Data points or stats can be reimagined as quiz questions that test users' knowledge about the topic or as reveal tiles to encourage interactivity to learn more. Blog posts that educate users about a topic and include stats can easily be turned into an infographic. And white papers that tell a more robust story can be turned into multiple experiences that complete an entire content journey.

What to look for when scanning your content?

  • Locate special design treatment that was used to capture user attention to a specific detail or stat.
  • Find questions that are intended to get a user thinking about the topic and reimagine them as quiz questions or assessment questions.
  • Pricing or areas where the user is attempting to determine which product fits their needs — this can be a solution finder.

After my conversation with this professional content marketer, we had began to lay out an entire content roadmap for 2018 from the content found in 4 pieces — a white paper, two infographics, and one blog post.

What were we going to create?

  • The white paper was going to be created into an infographic which would be a teaser to the full white paper. We also would create an assessment that would encourage users to answer questions about their current financial services. Upon completion of the assessment, they will receive dynamic results that shows ways to improve.
  • The two infographics will be turned into an interactive infographic with quiz questions.
  • The blog post will be turned into a quiz.

Creating brand new content every time you need to launch an experience can be a time-consuming endeavor so take the time to look at your tried and true pieces for new ways to repurpose them.