Hot Off The Press: Interactive Content Trends

Each month at ion, we hold a staff webinar that focuses on the current trends in the interactive content space. During the presentation, our Director of Creative Services will showcase some of the awesome content experiences that we recently launched for our customers as well as user experience and micro-interaction trends her team has spotted across the web.

This meeting is extremely valuable to all team members here at ion because it lets us keep our fingers on the pulse of what our customers are actually doing with their content and what’s happening outside of ion as well.

We typically keep this meeting internal but there is a lot of valuable information that could be useful to other content marketers as well. Here are some highlights from this month’s presentation:

Our meetings typically begin with a “Hot-Off the Press” session that focuses on recent customer launches.


BASF a chemical company uses ion to create eBooks that focus on a redevelopment projects and other initiative that BASF sponsors around the world.

Here’s the example and few areas that really stood out in their experience:

To get the most value out of the single page experience the team include tabbed content to layer the information. We’ve found this to be a great way to break up content into consumable pieces but also add a layer of tracking since clicks are measured.

A timeline was leveraged to showcase the history of the redevelopment project. This is a great way to share context on their background in an engaging way.

A small quiz question was included to begin a meaningful feedback loop with the user.


The Cradlepoint resource library is a great example of how you can provide users with several pieces of meaningful content in an easy to consume way.

We love both of these examples, and we hope you’ll check out more of our interactive content examples as well.

Right now, we see newer customers begin their interactive content journey with infographics, while more customers with a more interactive content strategy are diving into assessments and configurators.

What is trending with interactive content in the web-iverse?

There are currently two big stand out trends that we continue to to see over the past month. For starters, social! We all know the importance of social engagement when it comes to content marketing! We continue to see more brands launching socially focused content experiences, that are designed for specific social media types. This can mean content created for Facebook campaigns or even based on a specific audience.

We came across these two great examples that are really showcasing socially driven content. A creative studio named BOURN developed a web experience strictly focused on social media. The experience uses past social trends to educate the audience on the background of hashtag trends. Here is the link:

What’s unique about the experience is how they use hashtags, it can be found in the title, topics, and subheads to capture more social “juice” and as a call out to the reader’s eyes. Likewise, BOURN used thoughtful and beautiful design to create an experience you don’t want to leave! We also loved that they establish a cadence by letting users know what will be coming up next in this series. This is super valuable for repeat visits and social follows!

The second social example that we found valuable speaks a thousand words without saying a single one! The #findyourepic experience is a prime example of leveraging visual content in an interactive experience to engage the user. And literally speaking, one of these pictures can speak a thousand plus words about why to visit. See for yourself:

The team at Visit Wales even provided the hashtags and a small blurb for you to use making it easy to share. #utility

Another trend we continue to see is location-based content, especially when it comes to conferences and special engagements.

The Virginia River Realm’s interactive map uses video and gifs to create a visual experience of Deltaville to encourage users to learn more. At the bottom they call out events and pictures that have been shared by visitors. This experience could easily be created for an upcoming conference and exhibition. We’ve seen brands like UBM use maps to share what to do at a conference on your spare time.

And finally, this USA Today experience is geared towards sharing ideas for summer planning. In this instance USA Today collaborated with FitBit to showcase great walking paths and trails around the US. They use a US map that has callouts on the most interesting paths and even include the number of steps you would accomplish. The experience then jumps into fun facts about how active residents in some US states as well as trail walking as a workout solution. Brands can leverage an experience like this for events such as a conference but also for sharing how they help others around the world or nation in an interactive map.

We hope you enjoyed a peek into how ionians stay on top of the current interactive content landscape. We look forward to sharing more with you next month!