Graduating to a New Digital Experience

It's that time of the year again, when highschool and college students alike are taking the big step towards bigger and better things. Dressed in cap and gown, more excited than ever, each student will walk across that stage, grab the most expensive piece of paper they've ever held, and embark on the next chapter of life.


Graduation is a time of big transition, growing up, and becoming accountable to the world, rather than to teachers. It's no longer about writing an essay, counting words to get to that 10-page mark. It's no longer about reading Cliff Notes just to barely pass the test, absorbing nothing out of the meaning of the story.

It's about transforming from learning to contributing. And really, that's why graduating is just a step in our ongoing evolution. No one graduates and says, "That's it. I'm done growing. I'm the best I can be." Life isn't static. It's constantly changing and transforming as we grow, learn, and contribute.

Well, your digital experience shouldn't be static either. Visitor expectations change, transform, and grow too. If you have a 'set it and forget it' mentality on the web, you are shortchanging your brand.

Just as a student grows from toddler all the way through college and beyond, your digital experiences should continue to grow and evolve. Your brand needs to graduate to a new digital experience -- a digital experience that is a useful, engaging member of the web.

If you've been keeping up with us (and of course you have been!), you know that we are big fans of the idea of youtility. Your digital experience has to be useful, engaging, and informative in order to keep your visitors attention and interest. Just as Cliff Notes may help a student pass the test but really aren't useful for learning, so is a static, boring page filled with reams of words, but no real insight. You may have your information out there, but no one is going to be interested to learn more about your brand if your digital experience isn't interesting and engaging.

Interactive White Paper

So take that white paper. Yes, that one. The one filled with pages and pages of copy and images. Transform it into an interactive experience. Let's take that content and put it online. Allow users to navigate around it, jumping to the content that's most compelling to them. Bring it to life with a rich experience, using modern user experience techniques like transitions, reveals, and page flows. Let readers test this knowledge with an interactive quiz on the white paper content that gives them a score and let's them see how they stack up against their peers. Let users share it, tweet it, and pass it around. Let visitors register to get the full PDF version (if they are so inclined). No longer does it have to be that "10-page essay paper" rambling on. Turn it into something your visitors want to engage with and learn from.

It's that time of year -- time to celebrate your digital experience's graduation from static and boring to engaging and useful. Are you ready?

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