Get Educated on Breast Cancer through Marketing Apps—Don't Be a Boob!

Ok, this one is going to be a little personal.  

October means many things to many people.  

  1. It’s the height of fall (which means nothing to a Floridian since palm trees don’t shed and the beaches don’t become barren).  
  2. Stores roll out their Halloween displays and you buy candy under the guise that it’s for trick or treaters, but we all know the truth.  
  3. And, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For a long time, even as a woman, number three didn’t resonate with me as much as the first two.  Was I aware? Sure! But not truly aware until almost two years ago, when my own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. And this was on the heels of a high school friend, my age, being diagnosed with a disease typically reserved for women just a little older.  One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. And that’s JUST in the U.S.

It was scary, emotional, surreal... and it SUCKED. Big time.

My family is abnormally tight knit (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but the Long Island Jewish/Italian version), and all of us paused. Collected ourselves. And vowed to make sure my mother kicked the crap out of cancer.

We educated ourselves on her specific diagnosis, researched hospitals, doctors, treatments, etc.  From Florida to NY we formed our own little Breast Cancer Brigade.

I didn’t know what to do with myself and literally started ordering anything with a pink ribbon on it, like checks (yes I still write some checks, I’m not ashamed), donated to Susan G. Komen and registered for Breast Cancer Walks. Because in my mind every dollar counted and... karma. Oh, and I also booked my very first mammogram the next day (that’s a WHOLE other experience and probably not an appropriate story for this blog...but Oy!)

We are ALL Human, and sometimes it takes something hitting a little closer to home for it to resonate and open your eyes.  

Thankfully, my mother came out like a champ and is officially cancer free.  And one of the things I learned was that the amount of resources to educate us on this topic is mind blowing.  We’re smarter, more tech savvy and just a more vigilant society when it comes to major causes like this and that’s a really good thing!

That being said, it seems like the appropriate time to shine a little light on a couple of the fabulous marketing apps tied to Breast Cancer Awareness. Why? Because Marketing apps are not all fun and games. They also serve a purpose to educate and inform. It’s just that some of them are so darn good you don’t realize you are actually learning something!

Take a peek, enjoy, maybe get more involved—but whatever you do—please just be aware :)

This first one is my favorite and it’s from  I can’t say the real word because this is a place of business and I am a lady. They have a marketing app that allows you to pick a body part—male or female—to see warning signs, risk factors and even how to perform self exams. It. Is. Awesome.


With Breast Cancer, or any cause that pulls in donations, many people like to know where the proceeds are actually going. So, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer created a simple marketing app to do just that. As you hover over the different regions of a map, you will get specific info on the places that receive donations. No major bells or whistles in terms of features, but still an interactive example that provides education and engagement.


Two totally different examples, but both tools that can be used in the ongoing education and fight against breast cancer.  

Take some time to poke around these sites, learn more, get involved, donate. C’mon, do it for the boobies :)