Gating Static Content? Reimagine Your Landing Page with Interactivity

It's no secret! Landing pages are evolving along with the rise of interactive content. The problem with that? Your audience is no longer impressed with a static page and simple form to get them to convert. Your landing page needs to convince them that what’s behind the form is worth their personal information.

But that doesn’t always mean that what’s behind the form has to be interactive as well. We all have our signature assets — those PDFs that you know are extremely valuable just the way they are. And while we are all for you transforming those PDFs into interactive experiences, it is perfectly fine to have static content behind your form.

So how can your landing page entice visitors to provide their information for what you know is a valuable static content piece after the gate?

On this week’s Ask Audrey, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement explains how you can leverage interactive elements on both your landing page and conversion path to encourage your online visitors to convert. Check out the video below!

[Transcript below]


If you’re using a landing page with interactive elements to gate content, should the content behind that form be interactive as well, or do you think it could be static?

Audrey Ross: 

It definitely could be static, right? There’s nothing that should stop you if you have a good piece of static content from creating a really interactive, compelling landing page to put in front of that static content. We see a lot of customers doing this today, and marketers doing this today, where landing pages are not the old tried-and-true format of four or five years ago. 

Landing pages today look an awful lot like interactive infographics if you break it down—longer scrollable content, impactful visuals, maybe little mini quiz questions. So if you have a really good static piece, you can absolutely put a high-performing, helpful, interactive landing page in front of it.

The ion platform is interactive content, but also just really any interactive digital experience, so there are landing page templates along with interactive infographic templates or quiz templates, so definitely something to keep in mind there. 

The asset behind the landing page can absolutely be static. But what you can do through having that interactive landing page is hopefully capturing some data that can even inform what type of interactive content you should develop to put behind that interactive landing page because I think, ideally, you would create a piece of content after that landing page experience that continues to be interactive and continues to be engaging and continues to allow you to be capturing more data. Maybe you can more deeply profile the prospect or the user, so you should definitely be thinking about making the static piece interactive content in the long term, but don’t let that stop you from creating something really great-looking to put in front of it to ultimately capture more leads.