Empower Your Sales Team with Sell-Side’s Prospect Insights

Without interactive content, preparing for that first conversation with your prospect as a salesperson can be daunting. You gather endless amounts of information about them—their LinkedIn profile, the emails they opened of yours, what assets they have downloaded—in hopes that you can construct the perfect pitch and the best rebuttals to every question they can throw at you. Your challenge is to prove that your solution is the perfect fir for them and that the ROI on their investment will be tenfold. 

Without interactive content, however, with just the insights static content gives, you can fall short. You review points they already know. You highlight benefits or features that are of no use to them. And slowly but surely, that prospect begins to lose interest as it seems you had no real interest in them.

But, in a world with interactive content for sales enablement, your content does some of that work for you. That assessment your prospect took? Their answers give you deep insight into their weaknesses and strengths. That quiz they completed? Their answers tell you exactly what they know and what they don’t know about your industry or brand.

Gone are the days of guessing. Gone are the days of hoping you assumed correctly. Gone are the days of blindly selling benefits to a prospect who has no need for them.

Interactive content goes beyond giving you just insights, however. ion’s interactive content platform goes the extra mile to help sales teams across all industries with Sell-Side.

Sell-Side allows marketing to assist sales in meeting the buyer at their point of interest by providing every interaction your prospect has had with your content and the recommendations your salesperson can offer the prospect, all in real time. Your salesperson gets a visual timeline of each prospect’s content journey. As they click into tailored views of their lead’s solutions, calculations, configurations, and self assessments, Sell-Side empowers the salesperson by showing dynamic, consultative, sales-specific coaching notes that coincide with each prospect’s answer.

Gone are the days of marketing, sales, and buyer misalignment. Gain momentum when it’s most critical and empower your sales team.