Education, Repurposing, and Building Engagement—A Year of Webinars

I set out early in the year to educate myself, my colleagues, and our customers on how to write interactive content well, select the right experience for your content, and how to repurpose existing content into an interactive content piece.

“To teach is to learn twice.” — Joseph Joubert

I kicked this off by committing to hosting a webinar with ion’s Director of Customer Engagement, Audrey Ross. It was the first webinar I hosted for ion interactive, and it focused on how you can take static content and reimagine it as a brand new interactive experience. One of the challenges that I often hear from customers is the time investment that would go into writing completely new content for their upcoming interactive experience.

Most of us are creating content already; we write blogs, product sheets, and support material that aims to educate our customers and prospects and encourage them to purchase our products or services. It is because of this that we always tell our customers that the best place to start with interactive content is to look to the content they already have.

A Webinar about Repurposing

In my first webinar, I shared the journey that I took from taking a static piece of content—a robust one at that—and turned it into multiple interactive experiences. From this static piece, we launched a solution finder, infographic, and quiz. During our webinar, we showed the steps that were taken to get to the point where we could reimagine the static content in our experience as interactive.

Attendees to the webinar were engaged with the topic and examples we shared which meant that our inboxes were full of questions following the webinar. It is because of this reason; this webinar was a highlight for me in 2017.

Watch it here.

How to Write for Interactive Content

In November, I was tasked with hosting a webinar on best practices for writing interactive content. Writing for interactive content can be challenging for marketers who are used to traditional copywriting strategies. The purpose of this webinar was to educate these marketers on the way that we write copy for assessment questions, interactive ebooks, and more.

“Everything is copy.” — Nora Ephron

A well-designed experience needs to give hierarchy to what is important and helps marketers and users achieve their end goal. For a user, it could be gaining access to an asset that will educate them to solve a pain point or purchase a product. Marketers end goal could be increased engagement with the audience or higher conversions on a page they launched. Whatever the reason, the content that will best serve the end goal needs to be easily accessible. The copy will help achieve this, either in the call-to-action on a landing page or in the questions we ask a user to answer in an assessment.

Watch the webinar on how to write for interactive content here.