Eat Your Heart Out, Static Content. Snackable Content is In!

Hey there! Glad we caught your attention. Now let’s see if we can keep it in the 3 seconds we have before the average adult attention span declines even further.

Oh, see. There you go, already looked away once. Just stick with us. We have some good stuff to show you. And we promise to make it quick.

Isn’t that how it goes now? Our lives are so busy and filled with distractions to ever keep someone’s attention on a piece of content for very long. Hence, the idea of snackable content: “bite-sized nuggets of content” as The Future of Snackable Content describes it.


If you’re reading this off your smartphone or tablet, you’re going to prove the point we, as well as many other content creators, are trying to make: everything is getting smaller and faster, as we learn to ingest content on the run. Whether you’re a brand or a person creating content, you must be aware that boring static content no longer holds the attention of your visitors. Your content now must be easily digestible, engaging, and interactive.

Want more proof that snackable content needs to be your focus when creating new materials? Check out a few of our favorite articles and presentations on snackable content:

You still here? Awesome. Told you we would make it quick. Now go get snacking!