Digitally-Driven Revenue Increases with Genworth Financial’s Next-Gen Landing Pages

During the month of November, we’re taking a look at next-generation landing pages that come to life through the use of interactive content. Interactive elements added to landing pages not only create a better experience for the user, but give deep, meaningful, useful insights to you as the marketer. Because of this, marketers can better test and adjust their pages to ensure better conversion rates with their audience.

Which is exactly what Genworth Financial’s U.S. Life Division did.

Genworth Financial is a global financial security company, offering retirement solutions, life insurance, wealth management, long term care insurance, and home ownership options. Their marketing objective was to create a strategy that brought in as many qualified leads as possible within their budget to increase their sales and revenue.

However, when Director of Digital Marketing, Eric Berkman, began at Genworth, he discovered that there was quite a challenge with improving the effectiveness of the marketing spend in the midst of the baby boomer retirement era. He knew that with the growing population of potential customers, he needed to identity their most important areas of opportunity as a company: traffic, bidding strategy, and conversion rate optimization.

As well, he knew that testing was going to be a big part of their strategy moving forward, but their changes to their experiences often took weeks or months to be implemented since their CMS wasn’t configured for A/B testing. Eric knew that in order to scale, they needed a supportive platform for testing and expertise in conversation rate optimization. This is where ion stepped in.

Genworth and ion focused on their pay-per-click plans first, then grew into direct mail and SEO channels. With ion, Genworth gained the freedom to experiment boldly and test ideas such as alternate designs and different offers.

Over two years, Genworth saw their lead volume increase by 3000% and their digitally-driven revenue increase by 350% through the use of interactive elements in their next-generation landing pages.

Want to see just how Genworth accomplished their goals with ion? Take a look at their interactive landing pages and the complete case study here!

Excited to see how interactive content is taking over in the next generation of landing pages? All this month, we’ll be focusing on case studies from companies like Dell and Iron Mountain who use interactive elements to transform the first impression with their online audience. Be sure to follow along so you won’t miss a single story!