Dell Utilizes Interactive Landing Pages Across Divisions for Big Results

With multiple product offerings such as computers, monitors, and printers, Dell has managed to become not only a household name, but a multinational corporation that provides technology solutions to both businesses and consumers.

However, despite global growth, their Business Digital Marketing team knew they wanted to achieve more.

For a large enterprise corporation, Dell was faced with a challenge: for every new landing page their digital marketing team wanted to create, there were several hand-offs during both the creation process and during the globalization process. By the time a campaign was fully globalized, the peak opportunity for that campaign often had passed. They needed a quicker turnaround time, and knew they had to find the perfect solution.


While Dell had begun with ion in 2010, they soon realized that ion could be greatly utilized across multiple divisions, serving everything from interactive white papers and videos to the simplest of contact forms.

By incorporating ion’s platform into their asset creation mix, they saw increases as high as 300% on their dedicated landing pages and saw opportunities for their sales team increase tenfold.

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