Content Marketing and the Need for Speed

What would you say if I told you that Plymouth Rock increased its speed-to-market 17,900% and online quotes 300%, reducing cost-per-quote by 33%. Mind. Blown? But wait, let’s rewind. Because all stats need a little context to truly understand why they are such a big deal.

Let’s take it back, waaaaayyyyy back. Not as far back as Mad Men-esque offices where secretaries (now administrative assistants) took shorthand dictation from their bosses as they swigged dirty martinis, smoked like chimneys, and flirted shamelessly. But back to the fax machine.  A telephone and a copy machine fell in love and spawned a fax machine.

I am old enough to remember faxing press releases to every major news outlet announcing my client’s latest and greatest. Faxing. Not emailing, not Tweeting, not LinkedIn-ing. Literally standing in front of this machine, dialing every number by hand, and getting content out there as quickly as I possibly could. Why? Because the faster I got the news to the reporters, the better chance I had in securing coverage or interviews or any attention whatsoever.

Cut to now, where the only place MY child will see a fax machine is behind glass in the Smithsonian when she’s a grown up. While the vehicles to deliver content might change, however,  the idea of urgency and speed to market does not waiver.

We’ve replaced shorthand and fax machines with email, social media, software platforms and countless other conduits, but the rush to get stuff out the door is still there and as important as ever.  

When I was in college, I had a camera...that took film. I had to physically drop the film off, wait several days to have it developed, then decide which pics were worthy enough to be taped into my photo album.  Now, I don’t even use a camera other than my smartphone. I see the pic immediately - make the decision to keep or delete depending on how awesome my hair looks, and if I by chance want a hard copy - I upload it to an app on my phone to be printed old school style...within minutes. That whole scenario happens in MINUTES. It kinda makes Back to the Future look lame (well, minus the Delorean because that coolness transcends time).


Our personal and professional lives are touched my this immediacy in a variety of ways on the regular. And the race to get content out to the masses is no different. It’s actually crucial.  Because if you don’t, your peers and/or competitors will. The days of spending months researching, writing and distributing a white paper are sooooo 2013. Whether you are using landing pages, microsites, marketing apps or multi-faceted digital experiences, the name of the game is SPEED. Our customer, Plymouth Rock Assurance plays that game and you can check out a case study on their experience here.

So stop talking about all of the awesome things you are going to do with digital, and do it.  Go all Top Gun and be like, “I feel the need. The need for speed.”