Best of 2017: Transform Your Traditional Landing Pages

Most recently, we took the entire month of November to focus on one topic… next-generation landing pages. Our blog posts, interactive experiences, and webinars were all about evolving landing pages and how adding interactive elements to the mix would not only boost conversions, but would provide insights and data to you as the marketer before your online visitor even fills out the form.

So for the #2 and #3 spots of our Top 17 of 2017, we’re focusing on two of our most loved pieces from the month of November:

Our “Landing Pages Aren’t Dead, They’ve Just Evolved” Blog Post


Our Landing Page Assessment Tool


Landing Pages Aren’t Dead, They’ve Just Evolved

ion’s content strategist, Stephanie Mansueto started off November with a stroll through the experience of your online visitors, from Google search to arriving on your landing page. For the last few years, many marketers deemed landing pages as dead, but are they really? Your product or service needs to be showcased, but the way we were showcasing them on our static landing pages needs to evolve.

Take a look at this blog post for a intro into interactivity within landing pages, and then feel free to explore through the entire month of November on our Medium publication to gain more tips and tricks on taking your landing page into the next generation.


Landing Page Assessment Tool

Now that you’ve read a bit about how traditional landing pages are evolving, curious to see how your landing pages stack up amongst your peers? We’ve got just the tool you need.


Our Landing Page Assessment takes you through thirteen questions, providing you insightful recommendations with how you can improve if needed. So pull up the landing pages your hoping to evaluate and take the assessment! We’d love to hear about what you discovered or even how your landing page stood out!

Remember to follow along all this month as we cover our top 17 of 2017 in our interactive content marketing world. Check back soon to see what’s next for number 4 and 5!