Best of 2017: The Symphony of Interactive Content Masterpieces

You can’t blame us for being in love with data here at ion when interactive content gives us such detailed and deep insights every day. We’re so in love, in fact, that most of our top highlights from the year are all about data. So for our number 6 spot in our Top 17 of 2017, we’re focusing on one of our favorite data highlights of the year.

Earlier in 2017, Content Marketing Institute released what we thought was one of the most eye-opening and exciting research reports to date, The Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing.

CMI’s Chief Strategy Advisor, Robert Rose, illustrated how interactive content can provide more trust data with more measurable results, and why more and more marketers are incorporating interactive content into their marketing strategy.

For example, the report states that 79% of content marketers who are already using interactive content plan to increase their use of it in the next 12 months.

That’s huge as marketers begin to realize the amount of data they can gather from the experiences their audiences are interacting with.

Regardless of the data it provides, 87% of marketers agree that interactive content grabs the attention of the reader more effectively than static content.

With engagement, education, and brand awareness being some of the top answers from marketers across industries, interactive experiences can have multiple benefits within your content strategy.

This report from CMI had SO much incredible data in it that we couldn’t help but turn it into our very own interactive infographic. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. Enjoy the beauty of the symphony of connected interactive content marketing and explore the infographic here!

And if you’re interested in listening in to our thoughts on the research findings, check out our dedicated webinar and watch the recording below or get it sent to your inbox from here!