Awesome Marketing Apps Remind Us that Summer is Almost Here

Roughly three weeks until the official first day of summer, and you can guess what that means. Yep! Bathing suit season. Alright, so here in South Florida it’s bathing suit season year round. But don’t be jealous. Trust me. You think it’s a lot of work to get that beach body ready for summer? Imagine having to maintain that beach body year round! Like I said… there’s no need to be jealous of our year-round warm weather.

It’s a lot of work. With the explosion of CrossFit and spin classes and suspension yoga, everyone and their mother are trying to get in shape for season. Dedicating every lunch hour to a quick run, waking up at 5:30am to get the gym in before a full day of work, running five miles after stressing about what you have to finish at the office—it’s all too much. But there’s a reason we do it. The benefits of working out are well worth all the hard work. In order to be healthy, in shape, and have the beach body ready, you have to be ready to put in some effort.

And once you get to your goal, you feel like a new person ready to live all new experiences. The change is for the better, giving you a whole new look.

Need some motivation? The following app-like digital experiences are just a few we’ve come across recently that remind us summer is almost here and it’s time to get in shape.  

Jillian Michaels

Take a look at Jillian Michael’s digital experience. It offers visitors the chance to answer questions in order to configure their very own workout regimen. From choosing how strenuous you want your workouts (ahem!) to where you would prefer to work out (gym, home, or outdoors), the Jillian Michael’s digital experience offers the interactivity the visitor needs to get motivated and stay engaged!

Jillian Michaels Fit


Need new running shoes? Nike offers a great experience where you can configure your own customized shoes. Want more flexibility or more cushion? You are free to choose and add your own flair to log all those miles pounding the pavement.

Nike Custom Free iD



Fitbit’s digital experience is just as advanced as their product. Instead of flooding their visitors with information for what Fitbit is, what kind of Fitbit you can purchase, or what others are saying, they designed and implemented paths for each site visitor to take depending on what information they’re looking for. Perfect way to keep their visitor on track and ready to be in shape.



We hope these app-like experiences help to both inspire you for your next workout AND to  take your own content and sites to the next level of interactivity and personalization.


Want to pump up your digital experience? Come see for yourself how you can transform the experience for your visitors.