Account-Based Marketing Roundup #ABM

It’s about that time! When you’ve heard about a topic long enough and you decide it’s ROUNDUP TIME!! Woohooo, break out the cattle boots! We’re going on the range :-)

1. Know the Statistics Behind Account-Based Marketing

A super valuable resource to a lot of marketers has been the Account-Based Marketing Adoption report that was published in partnership by Demandbase and Demand Metric.  We suggest learning the facts behind ABM and checking out figure 9 on the “Key Benefits of Using ABM.” It’s a great resource to share internally and build your ABM super team.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan

The team at Terminus has been doing a great job with providing valuable resources to implementing ABM into your marketing mix. Sangram Vajre of Terminus recently created The First-Ever Account-Based Marketing Framework: Extending from the B2B Buyer’s Journey to the Customer Experience. The ABM Framework is a tool to help you better understand strategies, content recommendations, and measurement expectations. We suggest everyone new or experienced to ABM to check out the framework.

3. Understand How it will Change your Organization's Structure

Let’s be upfront about something... Implementing ABM will disrupt your sales and marketing organization. But it’s your duty to do the research on how it will change and how you can get ahead of the disruption. Shashi Upadhyay of Lattice Engines does a great job of laying out what will change the sales and marketing landscape. The big learning here — ABM will disrupt and cause a few growing pains, BUT everyone will benefit — sales and marketing!


4. Get Clear on the MarTech of ABM

With every new marketing concept comes new MarTech — guaranteed. Once you fully understand the ABM landscape, you’ll want to start exploring what tools are out there to make ABM ‘flow’ at your organization. There are quite a few facets to consider from how you are getting the accounts all the way to how you are going to speak to the accounts. And, in between, there are a ton of tools to help streamline the process. Bertrand Hazard at TrustRadius did an amazing job of highlighting the MarTech considerations in this ChiefMartec guest blog post.

5. Get Ready to Scale

Yeah that’s right, you just started to understand ABM and it’s time to scale!! The reason this is so important is because of the affect ABM has on the entire organization. A lot of thought leaders are predicting that we’ll move to ABM everything, which makes sense but is super overwhelming. We suggest understanding this landscape and thinking long term for your AB ventures. Here are few posts with insight into where ABM can go in your organization.


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