8 Ways To Rule The Interactive Content Revolution

Introvert or Extrovert… that silly, ridiculous question. Remember in grade school when you first take that quiz of questions such as: Are you shy? Do you like alone time? Do you like to read? All. Totally. Ridiculous. And here’s why…

Because when you’re a child, you want nothing more than to be liked, to be outgoing, to be fun. And being alone? Not being talkative all the time? Not cool. Forget reading! No one is cool that has their nose in the books all the time. So hearing you were an introvert practically wrote “Weirdo” on your forehead.


But this isn’t the case in the real world. You grow up, and you realize alone time is not only awesome, but extremely rare. Reading books is like a mini vacation without spending more than maybe $15 at Barnes & Noble. And not having to be talkative and outgoing all the time? Save me the breath.

Point is, we all have our likes and dislikes. I’m outgoing and love to talk. Maybe too much. But sometimes, I absolutely love to not talk to anyone for an entire day and just read a book. So am I an introvert or an extrovert? Curious about what side you lean towards? Keep reading and I’ll try to help you answer that silly age-old question.

We’ve been talking interactivity for… well… ever now. We are truly in the major beginning stages of an interactive revolution. And when you’re at the forefront of any revolution, you want nothing more than to be a ruler and an innovator of that time.

But guess what, grade school-version of you? Introverts are going to rule the Interactive Age. So for all you “uncool” introverts, this is your time. Wallow in it!

I recently came across an article written by John Doyle entitled 8 Reasons Why Introverts Rule the Interactive Age and it’s pretty empowering to those who sat quiet for the better part of the 20th century. What once was loud, in-your-face marketing has turned into a low-key personalized approach all through the use of social media. Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look at the 8 reasons:

  1. Introverts create remarkable content. Introverts are said to be thinkers, observers, and storytellers. They are the listeners while the extroverts are talking. So who better to tell an engaging and emotionally-connecting story than a person with those characteristics as a strength?!

  2. Introverts get right to the point. We’ve all heard the saying “humans have as shorter attention span than a goldfish” but what does this really mean for digital marketing? It means you need to grab their attention… AND FAST! Introverts can celebrate this one. No need for any awkward small talk here! Let’s just get straight to the point.

  3. Introverts build strong relationships with selected people and communities. While introverts are avoiding being in large crowds, they are creating significant and empathetic relationships with the people they do share interests with. So just like your digital experience, you are more than likely not the answer for everyone in the world. This Interactive Age will focus on how your brand can be the best answer for that tight-knit group you call your audience.

  4. Introverts will share the stage. Introverts are not ones to take the limelight. They most definitely will scoot over for someone else to step in. And that’s just what the Interactive Age needs. The best ideas are those found by listening and collaborating.

  5. Introverts will share your content. They’re naturally giving people. They’re more willing to share your content than to boast about their own. It’s about going from an “about me” mentality to an “about us” way of thinking, and introverts have got that down.

  6. Introverts are authentic and transparent. Introverts barely have enough energy to have a transparent and authentic conversation, let alone one filled with white lies and deceit. And on the internet, everyone is second guessing everything you have to say. Introverts have the upper hand with this one. The ability to be transparent comes naturally to them, with no need to fluff up any part of their conversation, both in person and online.

  7. Introverts are extremely comfortable with online relationships. With the trend in online dating and social networking, online interactions have changed the game for introverts. That fear that comes over someone that’s shy before meeting a date face to face doesn’t have to happen online, and therefore can break down the walls of an online relationship faster. Introverts have an easier time sharing ideas and creating trusting relationships, making them great for making online visitors feel comfortable.

  8. And last, but not least, introverts invented the Internet. Case in point.

So, am I an introvert or an extrovert? On the subject of interactive experiences, there is a Buzzfeed quiz to answer that question for me (Although I’m not surprised since there’s a Buzzfeed quiz for everything ever). Curious about which side you lean towards? Or just curious to see what it means to create an interactive experience? Let’s have some fun. Take the quiz here and share your results with us.

But don’t let what was once that introvert stigma keep your introvert characteristics from shining. This is the Interactive Age. Introverts will rule. And if you are more extrovert, take note. This is the time to do the listening. Let your audience speak and give them an interactive experience that they’re hoping for!

P.S. For those of you still wondering, the quiz told me I’m an “extrovert.” But I sure do love my books and alone time. Guess it’s time for me to listen, take notes and rule the Interactive Age!