7 Interactive Content Trends for 2015

When it comes to prophesying trends (especially in the marketing world), everyone thinks they’re the top banana. But here’s the thing - there’s not really a right or wrong. There are opinions and that’s the beauty of it. There doesn’t have to be a top banana. There can be a whole bunch of awesomely smart and innovative bananas.

So, we took a little forward looking glimpse at the year to come and what it holds for interactive content (which is big deal right now by the way).

Here we go...David Letterman style...but with 7, not 10.

2015 Interactive Content Trends

  1. Engagement: The whole point of infusing your content with interactivity is to boost engagement. So pull the reigns back on the whole “words on a page” thing and go full throttle with interactive experiences instead. Your interactive content will be the bell of the ball instead of the kid nobody picks for the kickball team. Do it!

  2. Quality over Quantity: Let’s play a game called, “Would You Rather?” It goes like this...Would you rather have piles of content you spent hours and hours creating that people look past because they don’t even know where to begin….OR...would you rather have a fewer pieces of stellar content that you can scale and that people love, click and share the heck out of?

  3. Youtility: Not a typo folks. It’s time to create content useful to YOUr (see what we did there?) buyer. Like an assessment, configurator or solution builder that helps your buyers make decisions around your products and services.

  4. Rapid Innovation in User Experience: Because it really is changing, faster than you can make a deflated football joke. So what’s a modern marketer to do? Engage your audiences with interactivity and keep em’ coming back for more.

  5. Visual & Interactive Storytelling: Once upon a time there was a marketer who created gorgeous digital experiences with no code but lots of awesomeness. Their content was bursting with visual beauty that told a story to completely immerse their audience. Is that marketer you? Could be, you know!

  6. Meaningful Measurement: What’s the bottom line? What’s the net net of interactive content? That’s what everyone wants to know, right? Well, did you know you can measure aggregate user interactions and inputs in your interactive content to yield...yep...you guessed it...significant audience insights. Boom!

  7. Surface Buyer Insights to Sales: The data you provide to sales must be more than just pass/fail. It should hand over rich insights about your buyers’ behavior throughout your interactive experience. Go interactive and insights you will have!

That’s a little peek into what we see in the near future in our little interactive content marketing crystal ball.

How do your predictions compare? We’d love to know! Check out the slides for last month's 2015 Trends webinar below and feel free to watch the recording here.