5 Ways to Repurpose Your Content and Get More Out Of It

As marketers, we put a lot of time, effort and energy into creating content to tell our brand’s story. Blog posts, case studies, interactive experiences—all of it requires hours, days and even weeks of our time.

According to a recent benchmark study by CMI and MarketingProfs, "70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago.” And that number is only going to grow as content marketing continues to boom.

With that trend for increased content output comes tremendous pressure to constantly create the next piece of content. And then the next. It’s enough to make you feel like a factory.

That is why Content Repurposing is getting so much well-deserved attention these days. The time and resources invested into a single piece of content can be maximized when we create new formats for our audience to consumer that content.

Instead of banging your head against the wall to conceptualize new content every single time, take a look at what you have in your content marketing arsenal and put it to great use.

Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks for making your old content new again.

1) Go visual with an infographic.

Take a story you’ve already told in words and tell it visually instead. Just a few short years ago, “the search volume for infographics increased by more than 800%" (that is not a typo!) according to an article in Social Media Today.

We are constantly bombarded with stats and research about how the human brain responds to visual content, so capitalize on it. Infographics are super shareable, digestible and now with the ability to add interactive elements to them, forget it!


2) Share the love on SlideShare

After delivering a presentation deck, don’t just let it go. Take that deck filled with material you have worked so hard to curate and put it up on SlideShare.

During Content Marketing World this year, we learned that “41% of B2B marketers and 20% of B2C marketers in North America are using SlideShare in their content marketing efforts.” There are millions (no really) of people to be reached on SlideShare. “With over sixty million visitors a month, Slideshare is a great platform for reaching a wider audience.”


3) Rehash that awesome video

Video content is like the gift that keeps on giving. There is a multitude of ways you can use it over and over and OVER again. People love video because it’s like a living piece of content. There’s action and movement and it’s becoming a regular feature of strong, well-balanced content marketing strategies. Pull that rad video you made off of YouTube and share it. Put it on social, blog about it, maybe even throw it in a nurture email. According to Relevance, “Studies show that adding a video to an introductory company email increases click-through rate by 96 percent.”


4) Turn a White Paper into a Blog Series

In a recent blog post, Scripted says, “A white paper is an investment which is why it’s important to get the most out it.” It’s true! White papers are filled with useful and actionable information. Why not chunk it out into different sections and dedicate a blog post to each one. Take time to expand on each section digging into the nitty gritty. It gives you a chance to take the conversation to the next level and keep the conversation going a little bit longer.


5) Make it Interactive!

Ok, so we may be a little biased, but one of the best ways to repurpose content AND kick it up a notch, is to take something static and make it interactive. Take a white paper and make it interactive and maybe even finish it off with a quiz! Or how about taking a series of blog posts and turning it into an interactive eBook? There are so many possibilities to take the content you have worked so hard on and give it a facelift. (You know where to find us if you want to hear more about this one!)

Neil Patel hit the nail on the head when he said, “repurposed content adds more horsepower to your marketing machine. It takes your content further faster than you could ever do on your own. It helps you build up a fan base that you may have never known existed. And it does this without a lot of effort on your part.”

Tell us some of the success you’ve had with repurposing content. What’s working for you?