5 Articles that Prove Content Personalization is Key

Let me put you in a little scenario really quick. Ladies, you’ll especially love this one. Imagine for a second that you are a celebrity/famous fashionista/really, really ridiculously good looking and rich. You have a big event to go to but don’t know what to wear. Not a problem. You have a personal shopper for you, of course. They know what you’re looking for, what you need, what you want, and can get it to you in no time.


Now step into the different scenario that unfortunately most of us are probably in. You have an event tomorrow. It’s three hours before the mall closes the night before and you are literally sprinting through every store trying to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s an outfit or present, etc.

So which of these scenarios immediately made you feel comfortable and relaxed and which one stressed you out and made you think that you never ever want to experience that horrible situation ever again?


This is exactly what your online visitors feel like when they are overwhelmed with the content flood. They don’t want to go scouring through piece after piece of content to find what they need. They want an experience that caters to them, that delivers what they’re looking for with ease, and that makes them feel special.

Personalization does just that. From the simple addition of their name in the header or an auto-filled form to a solution finder that has the exact message match from what they were searching for, content personalization can make all the difference in the success of your content marketing strategy. So this week, we wanted to round up some of our favorite articles, some new and some aimless, that explain the importance of personalization within your online visitors’ experiences.

1. A timeless article about content personalization from Michael Brenner is one of our favorites about building relationships at scale.

The only kind of marketing that helps businesses connect with real people is personal content. Not just targeted, or personalized – personal content.
If you’re going to personalize, have a good reason, a clear goal, and a manageable plan.
Creating a one-to-one customer experience contributes significantly to customers that are more highly engaged, which in turn has a direct impact on the merchant’s bottom line.
The sky’s the limit for mobile personalization. Brands and consumers alike will reap the rewards of the more scientific age of mobile we’re entering this year, in which data empowers marketers to personalize and create better experiences every day.
Delivering personalized user experiences across web, tablet and mobile platforms is no longer viewed as a unique feature by marketing professionals. It is regarded rather as an integral effort of any online marketing campaign, and has commanded, and is expected to continue to command, an increasing cut of cross-sectorial marketing budgets.

Content personalization may have been a nice to have way back when. But once your visitors experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous (of content marketing success, that is), they won’t want to go back. Lower your bounce rate. Improve your engagement. And understand that content marketing must be all about the user experience.