4 Ways Interactive Content is Redefining Marketing

Everyone is seeing the need for interactive content to build engagement, from Buzzfeed to the New York Times. Traditional static content just isn’t cutting it anymore, and there are some major reasons why so many brands and companies are utilizing and seeing the benefits from interactive content.

ion cofounder and EVP Anna Talerico recently wrote a blog post originally published on TFM Insights about the ways interactive content is redefining marketing. We’ve summarized it all up here for you below so take a look! If you’d like to read the original post, feel free to do so here.

In 2013, the most popular piece of content on both the New York Times and Buzzfeed was a quiz.
— Matt Gratt, Buzzstream

And there’s a reason for this. Interactive content isn’t just for the millennials. Everyone of every age in every industry wants to be engaged. And interactive content does just that. Here’s how:


  1. Interactive content stands out: Instead of a typical blog post or white paper, a quiz or game can make all the difference in whether your online visitors stay or leave. Change up that static content and make your brand pop!

  2. Interactivity increases the Lifetime Value of your content: Interactive content can add an element of fun to a rather stale piece of content without losing out on your messaging. And that interactivity can live on for months, even years. Just ask the New York Times, which has a quiz that’s still being passed around social media over TWO YEARS later!

  3. Interactive content teaches rather than pitches: Remember the days in school when your teacher would make you actually build a project to learn physics, rather than read about it? Those projects always seemed to stick with you, and those lessons ingrained in your brain. The reason why? Most people learn (and remember) by doing, rather than simply passively reading.

  4. Customers are more likely to trade data for valuable content: Wow. A study by Janrain found that 86% of customers will leave a website if they’re asked to create an account! So how can you possibly get them to stay and fill out your form? Simple. Interactive content. Visitors are much more likely to fill out a form if given valuable content and welcome communication first.


Everyone is seeing the need for interactive content. Are you?!