4 Must-See Marketing Apps

Here we are, almost in the third month of 2014, each year seeming to pass by faster than the last. Before we get too far into the year, I wanted to provide you with a roundup of the best examples in the use of marketing apps that we’ve seen recently. Take a look at these brands and take notes for your own use of marketing apps. Make 2014 the year that you improve your customer’s digital experience and increase those leads!


Using Contests to Bring in the Leads

No one can pass up the chance to win something, especially a trip! Marin Software recently improved their digital experience with marketing apps through their SMX Biggest Search Geek contest. Headlined with “Prove Your SEM Chops,” site visitors had the chance to play and answer quiz questions to beat out other “geeks” for a chance to win a trip to SMX West and an iPad, amongst other prizes. While you as the site visitor were there to win big, Marin Software was gaining leads without any major effort on their part. Just the sheer want to win and beat other site visitors was enough to pull up their number of leads!

Voting for the Best… Bathroom? 

Cintas is a company you are probably very aware of with the least bit of big name impact. From uniforms to document management to first aid, Cintas provides highly specialized services to businesses of all kinds — all without much recognition to their name. Until now. Bringing some fun to a less than pleasant environment, Cintas held voting for the best restrooms in Canada and the United States.

While this might seem like a funny idea (I mean, we all want a clean restroom but who actually thought we would ever vote for it?), it brought some major feedback for Cintas. People from all over began submitting their photos for the funniest, cleanest, most interesting restrooms around. And what did this do for Cinta? While promoting local businesses in the consumer’s area, they were gaining leads by the second.

Choose Your Fate

We’ve seen quite a few of these recently — using a conversion path to gain leads. Conversion paths allow the consumer to decide which fate they will choose and, in answering a few short self-evaluation questions, lead them to a landing page that is much more relevant to them. Ford used this marketing app tactic with the Focus

Brought to a page aptly named “Choose Your Path,” consumers have the option to either have Ford find you the right car or have you as the consumer build one of your own. Both choices eventually lead you to a clear call-to-action. During the process, however, whichever path the consumer chooses is geared more towards the interests of them personally. What better way to gain leads than to make it feel like each experience is unique and aimed at the consumer specifically?!

Entertain Them at Every Turn

This example is by far my absolute favorite of them all. Toyota did an amazing job using a simple survey to gain leads. But how they constructed their survey was anything but simple. Calling it “The Most Glorious Survey Ever," it really may be just that.

No one likes to fill out a long survey. Question after question, multiple choice, rate from 1 to 10 — none of us have the time to truthfully fill out a survey (at least that’s what we believe). This survey is different. It’s probably just as long as the average survey. There are even some questions in there that have nothing to do with Toyota. But the way they have designed the survey is incredible and makes you forget you’re even filling out a survey. Taken through a maze of buttons, questions, and choices, Toyota makes the survey interactive and fun, almost like watching a short film of choices you as the consumer made. I personally took the survey multiple times just to see how I could make the experience different.


Through all these examples, you can see that marketing apps have changed the way consumers interact with your digital experiences. Consumers no longer want content-cluttered, cookie-cutter pages. They want fun, exciting ways to land and engage with you — and marketing apps deliver.