Creating Great Leads with Interactive Content

What makes a good lead?

The answer to this question keeps a great number of marketers up at night, most likely due to the fact that Sales can sometimes (okay—more often than not) nitpick the amount of leads they receive.

The solution to a good lead—insert drumroll—is information.  Shocking, I know! However, when thinking about information, it’s specificity which makes all the difference.

According to our latest report with Demand Metric, 43% of survey participants attribute the quantity of leads to a direct correlation to revenue growth, and 37% believe that the quality of leads is a contributor to the financial success of a company.

In today’s content marketplace, there is a sea of information for consumers to take in, and making sure your content is relevant to your audience is very much attributed to its engagement factors.  

Once you receive the attention of your audience, what’s next? The next steps become less about what makes a good lead, but more about what makes a great lead. One way to achieve this, some (Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama, to name a few) might say that the only way to obtain a great lead, is by implementing interactive content.

Using Interactive Content to Generate Great Leads

So, how can you use interactive content to create better leads? Here are two of my tips for success.

1. Gate with Value

Referring back to the Demand Metric report, 36% of surveyed participants pointed to providing free content as a deterrent to quality leads, and that 33% believe that long forms of static content (white papers, eBooks, reports) take too much effort to absorb. Interactive content produces a solution to these issues by allowing marketers to chunk their content into shorter formats, providing an engaging message that’s relevant towards an audience.  The experience of going through the interactive experience entices prospects to download the longer form of the gated content piece. Voilà, a conversion!

2. Use Data to Inform Conversations

The synergy between marketing and sales has always been an important formula to the success of a company. That success is often attributed to effective metrics that marketing can measure and sales can leverage.  Sales lead quantity and quality are seen as essential measurements and solutions to revenue growth (behind the leading metric—website traffic); but how do we help sales leverage these metrics? Static content in world of lead generation is considered passive, with minimal qualitative and quantitative insights.

The most you get from static content is whether or not a user downloaded a piece of content. Interactive content provides a sales organization the ability to track and measure (but not in a 1984, George Orwell sort of way) what the audience is engaging with, and what content doesn’t resonate with them.  Interactive content provides insights that pinpoints valuable talk tracks about a lead, turning cold-calls into informative conversations.

Better Leads, Better Results

The solution to creating better leads is information—and with interactive content, information is right at your fingertips.

We’ll dive further into Creating Better Leads with interactive content in our next webinar, but in the meantime, check out last month’s Better series on Creating Better Engagement.

Written by Business Development Representative Rony Phaeton