How to Build Content that Boosts Engagement

Ever watched a TV show while browsing the internet on your phone? Ever do that all the time? I’m raising my hand, and I know many of you are, too. We are all constantly multitasking—so what does it mean, in today’s media climate, to be truly engaged?

In this month’s webinar, we focused on Creating Better Engagement for your audience. With Account Executive Eric Catania and Customer Success Manager Brittany Kerr leading the charge, we led a dynamic discussion with tips for using interactive content to boost your audience engagement and drive meaningful results.

With 41% of survey participants in our recent study with Demand Metric reporting their content does not create enough opportunities for engagement, the problem is clear: content marketers are struggling to stand out in a crowded content atmosphere.

So, how can we create better engagement with interactive content? Here are three key takeaways from our webinar.

1) Engagement Measurement is Key

In order to understand how your audience is engaging with your content, you need to have tools that measure your success. Think of measurement as a report card for your content. Where is it excelling? Where is it slacking? If you’re getting straight As across the board—users are engaging with multiple resources, completing forms, etc.—you know that piece of content is thriving.

Though if you don’t have access to this data, you won’t be able to formulate a strategy for future pieces, or truly understand what is resonating with your audience. Enter interactive content, which allows you to pinpoint user interactions and to use that data for good.

2) Use A/B Testing

Creating an A/B test is a great tactic to narrow down which elements in an experience are resonating with the user. Through measuring engagement points and drop-off points in the original experience, you can create a “challenger” with slightly different—or totally different—elements, and track the separate success of each piece.

3) Repurpose Your Static Content

If you have a static piece that’s performing well, or even just a robust static piece with lots of potential, you have everything you need to get started creating interactive content. That’s one of the top benefits of using interactivity to create engagement. An interactive experience makes the user feel more involved with your content, by engaging them at different points along the way. And, as we stated in our webinar, an engaged audience is a converting audience.

Ready to learn more? You can watch the webinar here, and stay tuned for next month’s session on Creating Better Leads.